BibbaLondon's Shop Announcement

I enthuse and support the idea of making on small scale, up-cycling and re-using. When Dame Anita Roddick was opening her first modest Body Shop in 70s, she was asking her clients to bring their own cream jars… Would that be possible now?

The World has grown to an inhuman scale. Mass production, mass selling, mass fashion and mass businesses became overwhelming. The idea of endless must-haves bonding people to buy more and more to safeguard themselves from becoming outcasts seems insane...

I want to be as far as possible from that. I buy pre-owned, pre-loved items for their beauty and history they carry what, in my eyes, makes them more genuine.

Making is vital for me. Ideas are appearing in my head like clouds on the sky. They just come and disappear. Sometimes I get seduced by the materials or possessed by the forms, and I'm freed when my little obsession is gone... The moment of designing is something between active looking for the final form emerging in my head or my hands and an experiment.

I do believe there is more genuineness to the things made slowly and carefully, on a small, human scale. So, I take my time till the moment my creation fully satisfies me. When order is placed, I choose wrapping specifically for the piece and imagine how it would be to receive it.

My environment is very important for me so I re-use packing materials that come to me. Any boxes and tissue paper I use is made of re-cycled paper.