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BicycleTrash collects bicycle waste from local bicycle repair shops, and turns them into functional works of art.

BicycleTrash grew from the incredibly pragmatic imagination of Topaz M. Terry, a happy go-lucky bicycle commuter in Washington, DC. After requesting the "bicycle trash" created from an annual tune-up at BicycleSPACE-Downtown, Topaz found herself obsessing over the practical yet sleek possibilities she could create with the materials. Turning her dining room into a workshop, and soliciting the help of her wife as graphic designer, photographer, and ad hoc marketing manager, Bicycle Trash was born.
While the waste from bicycles does not present a high priority environmental challenge in the way plastic bottles or plastic bags do, the majority of the waste is of quality materials like stainless steel and butyl rubber. These durable materials have long lifespans and "clean up nice." Why throw away, or use energy to recycle, when repurposing the materials into upcycled functional works of art is the more sustainable and fun option?
Building upon the time honored relationship of a bicycle commuter and her mechanic, Topaz pays a visit to her local shop once a week to see what has been shed from a variety of bicycle styles and sizes. Topaz collects rims, gear cassettes, inner tubes, spokes, and whatever else she can carry. She then turns those grimy bits into visually pleasing treasures, that are also durable and meant for daily use.

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