BiggerDreams' Shop Announcement

This store is currently closed for the Summer. Happy Vacation!!

Welcome to Bigger Dreams!

Everything in this store is made by young adults (18-22yrs) who have autism.

Currently autism effects 1 in every 166 children, some more severely than others.

At this time there is little being done to address the need for children with autism, and other developmental disabilities, to find work within their communities. The general consensus is that they can only do the most menial, low income jobs.

With supervision, these children have Bigger Dreams. They love art, they love making things with their hands, and they are serious perfectionists!! It may take them a little longer to make something, but when it's finished, it will be perfect.

So we welcome you to the store that allows these young adults to have Bigger Dreams. The money you spend here goes directly to the artist who made the item, to help them, help themselves, in becoming productive members of society.

The store is administered by the mother of two children with autism, an Etsian whose store is