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A mala is an ancient yogic tool, a string of beads used for mantra meditation and prayer. They are also sometimes called japa malas, prayer beads, yoga beads, bhakti beads, or rosaries. Malas are traditionally strung with 108, 54, 27, or 21 beads. Using your mala daily can enhance your intuition, physical and mental health, energy level, concentration, communication, patience, and create a deep enlightenment. A daily mantra practice is also known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety and depression. Sacred Stone Malas are strung with semiprecious gemstone beads, to add the energetic and healing properties of natural gems to your mantra yoga practice. When you aren’t using your malas for reciting mantras, you can keep them in a soft bag, or place them on an altar or other sacred space. You can also wear your mala draped around your neck or wrist as a reminder of your intentions throughout your day.


In the yogic tradition, a mantra is a Sanskrit word or series of words that has the power to transform and heal the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Sanskrit is an ancient and powerful sacred language, with each syllable having the power to raise your vibration and consciousness. Mantras can be used to attain spiritual, physical, or worldly desires, or to deepen devotional and meditational practices. Sanskrit mantras have a cumulative effect, so the more mantras you recite, the stronger their effects will be. You can chant any mantra that feels right to you.


Mantra practice is used as a form of meditation. Sit in a comfortable position, preferably barefoot, with your feet to the earth, or in lotus position. Focus on your breathing for a few moments, and try to clear your mind. Begin with your beads in your right hand, with the strand draped over your middle finger. The first finger is associated with the ego, and should not touch your beads. Begin with the first bead next to the guru bead, using your thumb to push each bead down as you recite the mantra. You may say your mantra silently or aloud, eyes closed or open. Continue along the mala until you have said a mantra for each bead. If you are using a full 108 bead mala, you can stop when you reach the guru bead again, or turn it around and go back in the opposite direction if you’d like to do another recitation of 108. If you are using a 27 bead mala bracelet, continue for three more rounds to complete your 108 mantras. It is recommended that you practice the same mantra for 40 consecutive days.

Each mala is handmade for you with love. Enjoy!


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