BillyAndRoger's Shop Announcement

“The Soda Pop Machine” is a limited edition, hand-made, hand-colored, original, signed and numbered heirloom quality children’s story.

The author and illustrator, Mike Wilson’s children grew up listening to Billy the duck and Roger the turtle stories. They were stories about things going on in his boy’s lives. When his youngest son, Tanner, who has Downs syndrome, had difficulty learning to use the soda pop machine near where they lived, Mike would comfort him by saying, “Well if you think that was bad, let me tell you about what happened to Billy and Roger yesterday.” One Christmas, Mike decided to illustrate the story for Tanner, and Billy and Roger’s “The Soda Pop Machine” was born.

“The Soda Pop Machine” is a parable about what is truly important when things go wrong despite everyone’s best efforts.

In the story, Billy the duck and Roger the turgle discover they are both too short to use the pop machine. They devise a solution where Billy lifts Roger onto his shoulders to put in the quarters while Billy uses his wing to press the Root Beer button.
The story gets interesting when they open the door of the machine and discover that in their struggle, they have made the wrong selection. With a frantic turtle on his head, Billy, has mistakenly pressed the button for “Funny Taste Soda”. They are shocked, and a terrible argument ensues.

The Soda Pop Machine is a story about forgiveness, reconciliation and friendship.

Although Mike Wilson has been in publishing for years he has chosen this
special, stab-bound, hand-colored, and hand-made venue to publish “The Soda Pop Machine”, and this is the only format in which the book is available.

Each book is an heirloom, unique and one-of-a-kind. It comes with a felt-lined wood box with an image from the story.

Billy and Roger help us remember that in our disappointment we must look around for each other. We go back for those we love, and those we know who love us.

The Soda Pop Machine has been read to thousands of people. It never fails to captivate their attention, surprise, and bring a smile to their faces. It will become your child's most requested book.

This book makes a wonderful gift. It uses hand-made archival papers, vintage fabrics and hemp twine. It is stab bound, and uses special enveloped pages to keep the artwork to the inside of the pages so that the hand-coloring process will be cherished for generations.

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