BingataTextiles' Shop Announcement

Bingata Textiles brings you the unique cultural aesthetic of vintage Japanese fabrics, sourced from a large collection of kimono, obi and other garments and textiles. These fabrics have been lovingly re-created into beautiful pieces to enhance your home and lifestyle; given a new purpose, and new life.

Fabrics used range from the pre-war urban chic of meisen and omeshi silks to the practicality and charm of home spun and dyed kasuri and katazome cottons; to the subtle beauty of rinzu (jacquard) woven silk used in wedding and formal kimonos, and the more brazen and exotic beauty and colour of bingata and yuzen dyed silks.

My products are all designed and handmade in my studio in the northern beaches area of Sydney Australia. My passion is and always has been textiles, and I welcome this opportunity to share with you this love and knowledge developed over many years.