BirdWingPress' Shop Announcement

Bird Wing Press is where cartoons and illustrations from Haidee S.Merritt's book, website, and blog are sold! Own a piece of art that makes you smile -- or roll your eyes -- every time you see it.

The print size - 11'x17" - is perfect to hang on your wall or wrap as a gift for your favorite diabetic. It's big enough to get attention but small enough to have more than one.

Remember: Diabetics LOVE presents - giving AND receiving!!!

NOTE: I have over 400 cartoons and illustrations so not all of them will be chosen for this site. If you've seen one that you fancy - on,, my website, blog, Omnipod's, Facebook page, Twitter or in various interviews - but they are NOT found here, please just let me know. I can custom print whatever your little heart desires.

The original pen and inks are ALSO available for purchase and - like every diabetic - each cartoon or illustration is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. If this is something that interests you please contact me directly for pricing and framing options.

I recommend viewing the cartoons presented here in the GALLERY option...much better, much.

Unfortunately, the book and posters cannot use combined shipping costs.