BitchAndStitch's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Bitch and Stitch, where my mum and I sew, knit and crochet baby and children's clothing, as well as some housewares and women's clothing. We do take custom orders and will consider most things so if there's something you need give us a message!

Cruelty free, vegan products unless otherwise specified made from good quality wool and fabric that we would use and have tested ourselves.

I'm started this when I was a college student studying animal care, I want to be a vet, but it's going to take a while to train. I use my free time to make things, my mum's retired and she makes things most of the day. I like to sew, but I can also knit. I adore making children's clothes, why should babies be limited to pastel colours? I've put my sons in some amazing things, dungarees with monsters on them ect. I live near a fabric shop that stocks some amazing things! Sometimes I'll go in and come out with 20 meters of fabric and no idea what to make, so I've got a lot of fabric I've stashed up over the years and now I'm making bags, aprons and clothing from them. If you've got any requests then please message me and I'll give it my best shot! I rely on this at the moment for my income as I can't find a job, so I'm grateful for any work I can get. Thanks.

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