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High quality artistic Orgonite. Created properly to be high functioning, our artfully designed, handmade Orgonite, aka Orgone Positive Energy Generators (OPEG's), act as amplifiers and intensifiers for intention or for transmuting negative energies into positive energies. Some are made to direct those energies for specific purposes, some are small enough to be worn around the neck or carried in a purse or pocket, some are made for energy healers and massage therapists, some are perfect to place next to a houseplant or in the garden, while some are big enough to transmute negative energy in a room of your home or office. All our Orgonite is made to benefit personal growth and that of our beautiful planet.
 Created in a positive healthy balanced state with joy and positive intentions. Each piece is created in an atmosphere of love, joy and positive energy in our home studio in the beautiful woods of the Arkansas Ozarks.

Orgone was discovered and named by a physicist named Wilhelm Reich about 60 years ago. Along with discovering Orgone he also invented a way to accumulate it. Unfortunately he was imprisoned in the 50's by failing to abide by an FDA injunction preventing him from pursuing his invention and our government burned all the research papers they found of his. Fortunately they didn't find them all and upon his death in prison in 1957, his Last Will and Testament called for all remaining papers (in the hands of family) to be sealed for 50 years in the hope by then the world would be more aware and less ignorant of his discovery.

Orgone is just a word to describe the Universal Life Force Energy that exists and flows through everything. It is responsible for the body's life, heat and maintenance. A number of spiritual practices and alternative medicine practices understand that conscious attention to the body's state will draw this vital energy into the body, producing physical, mental and sometimes spiritual benefits. It's important to understand that everything vibrates and radiates which has an effect on its surroundings.

All electrical appliances, when being used, emit negative energies. These negative energy emissions are referred to as EMF - Electromagnetic Field Radiation. That's radiation that we are constantly absorbing from all the electrical appliances around us. As technology has grown, so have the sources of radiation … your cell phone and your internet router are 2 very high sources of EMF and if you live near a cell tower then you are at even greater risk. We've all been warned of the potential of brain damage from excessive cell phone use and to keep our cell phones away from our head by several inches when being used to minimize the radiation. When we are in the presence of negative energy emissions of any kind, we absorb those frequencies as our own. This can cause health issues both large and small, as well mental issues and disharmony … that feeling of just not feeling balanced. An Orgone Positive Energy Generator will help reduce the effects by transmuting those negative energies into positive energy. How it works is seriously heavy duty Quantum Physics and when explained in scientific terms is over most of our heads and so the explanation is usually simplified which all too often leads some people to believe it's just "new age woo woo".

A basic Orgone Positive Energy Generator (OPEG) is primarily made from metals chips (Copper, Aluminum etc), resin and a quartz crystal. Quartz crystals are most known for their vibrational and healing properties. By combining with conductive metal and putting them under pressure from resin, you have a device that will attract, take in and transmute negative energy into positive energy. How does it do this? The combination of organic material (cured resin-a hydrocarbon compound) and metal chips (an inorganic compound) provides the matrix to attract and capture orgone energy as Wilhelm Reich's research demonstrated. Adding a Quartz Crystal intensifies the process with the added benefit that a crystal can be "programmed" with your positive intentions. The crystals vibration energizes the energy field in the location where it resides. It aids in producing a healing force to assist in canceling the harmful effects of radiation/radioactivity. What's actually going on inside an OPEG? This is where Quantum Physics comes in and it gets really technical and physicists will start talking about subatomic particles popping in and out of existence, appearing and disappearing as they shift in spectrum back and forth between higher and lower spectral forms of energy. Let's just say that there's a whole percolating effect going on with subatomic particles … a push/pull reaction between the metal and the resin. The result is an output of clean, healthy balanced energy … that can be used to enhance your life physically, mentally and spiritually. Add to the mix stones that carry special beneficial properties and those too will be enhanced with the resulting positive energy emitted by the OPEG.

Our planet is the recipient of a gifting movement that was started around 2007. OPEGS are being made for the specific purpose of being tossed next to cell towers and any areas in need of cleansing the EMF pollution. Most people are not aware of how this movement of gifting OPEGS to the planet is benefitting them but it is helping. Lea and I are very large contributors of the gifting movement and the purchases from our Etsy store help fund our gifting to the planet.

On a personal level, the benefits of holding or wearing an OPEG are many. Your personal space is being cleansed of negative energy and the properties of any added stones are being released along with the healthy orgone. Your positive intentions are easily picked up by the OPEG and manifesting your goals becomes quicker. There is a calming effect had by simply holding one that will reduce stress … there are numerous healing benefits both emotional and physically. The release of healthy pure orgone energy carries with it the beneficial properties of any stones in the matrix. It's interesting to note that in our 7 years of creating OPEGS full time, we have found that many people quickly felt the amazing effects of holding an OPEG who were unaware of the impact of Orgone energy or beneficial stone properties. In other words, you don't have to believe it will work for it to work … but … believing is powerful and can prove huge for healthful and spiritual benefits because intent is a great healer both emotionally and physically and having a tool to use to direct those intentions is a gift from the universe to those open to use it.

Since 2008 Lea and I have devoted our lives to creating OPEG's with the intent to create powerful yet artful pieces. Our creations contain high quality crystals and healing stones along with pure metals & resin, a mix that will attract deadly orgone radiation(DOR) and generates it into beneficial positive orgone. We create an artful product to assist in maintaining a positive healthy balance in our lives. We create what we create because we love doing it, it feels good, looks beautiful and it works. We use only the finest crystals and gems we can find, priding ourselves in the quality of our materials and the final result of our labor of love.

We are fortunate to live in forest far away from the negative energies that come with cities, large populations and traffic noises. Here the only sounds are the numerous birds, water from the river and the breeze through the trees. We create with joy and positive intent and instill that in what we create. Something that is very important as these generators are very sensitive to the environment they're made in. If made with peace, love and joy … they will be loving, peaceful, joyous and responsive to your intent.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

- Albert Einstein

Marlene and Lea

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