BklynOrganics' Shop Announcement

**Please be advised there's only a few more weeks to order the products you adore before the shop is on vacation for the summer. Once the hot weather rolls in the shop will go on a break until September.**


*DELUXE SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE IN MY SHOP,GREAT WAY TO TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!(By the way, my samples are not skimpy "try-it-one-time-and-make-a-decision" type of samples) Samples come in mini roll ons,mini deluxe glass bottles w/dipper & mini lockets.


MOSS:green lichen,clean & green early forest.

OLD HEMINGWAY:rich ripe autumn apples,foresty accents,warm eastern sandalwood,refreshing cedar.

SEA SALT & COCOA BEAN:warm rich cocoa bean,buttered caramel,patchouli,sugarcane,cashmere woods,white musk.

SALTY MARINER:seaweed,green ozone & salty breezes.

CHOCOLATE ORCHID: fresh orchid notes with rich chocolate undertones

FRENCH QUARTER:historic documents,aged tinder with notes of fresh pipe tobacco infused with warm rich bourbon.


HONEY VANILLA LOVE DUST:raw honey,cocoa butter,coco

VANILLA NOIR:worlds finest vanilla,rich & deep vanilla orchid &Madagascar vanilla beans

WATER BLOSSOM IVY:aqua,light floral,green ivy

MIDNIGHT'S GARDEN:lush green ivy,moss,oak moss blended with night blooming jasmine & rose with undertones of cedar wood & patchouli . An earthly aroma with visions of a lush garden of wonders.

VIOLET BELLA DONNA:wild violet flower

FLEUR DE MARINE:ocean mist,ozone,sea moss,sea salt

MOONLIGHT:French lavender, lily of the valley, oakmoss,cashmere musk

ABSINTHE (the green fairy):anise,amber,nutmeg,cassia,cinnamon,fennel,amber,green notes & woodsy notes

LOVESPELL:natures love potion straight up Ylang Ylang

INTO THE WOODS:woods,sensual amber,soft mimosa, vanilla musk, lavender,freesia,rose petals,apricot nectar,juicy berry

BELLA: (Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 inspired,similar notes to Estee Lauder "Beautiful: Blend of Orchid, Jasmine, Rose and Musk

POISON APPLE:sweet juicy apples from the Evil Queens orchard with a hint of spice & bubbly effervescence

LET THEM EAT CUPCAKES:sugarcane,coconut milk,vanilla orchid & white musk....pure decadence!

All items shipped free! All product's are made with fair trade ,natural ,and /or organic ingredients in the raw and handcrafted into something magical!!
All product's are handmade fresh to order!!
All products are free of parabens ,sulfates, phthalates,alcohol, gluten,synthetics,filters and are cruelty free❤️

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