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♥♥ WELCOME to Black Baroque! We are the "original creators" of art prints using antique book pages. All of our art prints and magnets, are "our" original concepts and designs. Know that when you buy from Black Baroque you are getting Original Works of Art♥

♥ MORE EXCITING NEWS♥ Three of our art prints were used in a room designed by by "Cousins Undercover" a new show on HGTV. Look for our Giraffe and Cardinal Art Print, Zebra With Birds, and Hot Air Balloon on a Antique Map Art Print to see photos of the rooms they hang in! Another one of our art prints was used on the Dear Genevieve Show last year!! We are humbled to be apart of the acts of kindness Anthony and John are doing with their work in people's homes on "Cousins Undercover." In addition we are honored our prints would hang in a home so full of love for each other and their community! Thank you so much Anthony and John♥♥

♥ We are the "first" shop on Etsy to use the five antique books our book pages are from for our prints. Our books are very rare and very expensive. We have antiquarian book dealers in the USA and in Europe who find our books for us and antique art prints/book plates that we get all our little creatures from. We are the "only" shop that proves this by including photos of the antique books, book plates, and art prints. We do not download from the internet as our competitors do. We pay for each antique illustration we use to make our collages We are also the first shop to use banners & quotes you see on our prints. Our book pages, banners with quotes are all a part of our signature Black Baroque Design and Concept that we created first and are thrilled to offer you! We sold our art prints in our four retails stores years before Etsy and now we bring them to you!

♥ The Birds and Animals series art prints, the series of animals & objects peeking onto the side of the pages, as well as all our other prints, are "OUR" original concepts & designs. We have to state this here as so many of our competitors have stolen our concepts such as our famous "Deer with the Birds art prints." Know that when you buy a print from us, you are buying original artwork that was created by us, from our imagination, and love of nature.

WONDERFUL NEWS♥♥ Our artwork is featured for the second time in the Jan 2013 issue KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Magazine!! You can see the feature in our shop. Our art prints were featured in the October 2012 issue of THE KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA Magazine but sadly some terrible online store took credit for our artwork in that magazine telling the editors they made our art prints to further their website's business. Click on the Kensington Magazine feature in our shop, then click on the photo of the article where you can read how this online store took full credit for our artwork. This 6 month old online retailer again took credit for our art prints that were featured in the November 2012 issue of ABSOLUTELY CITY & ANGEL Magazine. You can see that feature below as well. When the editors of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Magazine found out what happened they kindly offered to do a new feature on our art prints giving us, Alexandra Wolf of Black Baroque, full attribution/credit for our Art Prints as we are the artists and creators! We are so happy! A special thank you to the Editor of KENSINGTON & CHELSEA Magazine from me, Alexandra, and my puppy Poni the President of Black Baroque ♥

♥♥ Our Art Prints, Plates and Platters have been FEATURED IN:
The "Cousins Undercover Show" on HGTV
The "Dear Genevieve Show" on HGTV!
Coastal Living Magazine
The Kensington and Chelsea Magazine Oct 2012
The Kensington and Chelsea Magazine Jan 2013
Grazia Magazine November 2012
Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Flea Market Style Magazine
Absolutely City & Angel Magazine
Small Room Decorating Magazine
Scientific American Magazine
The Insider Magazine
Home Spun Magazine Australia
A special thank you to all the editors for featuring our artwork!!!

♥♥ A very special thank you to all of our 278 Bloggers who have written wonderful posts about our artwork, our former retail stores, and our precious Poni our puppy president! A extra special thank you to the Regretsy blog. Though the posting they wrote was completely fabricated with funny flaws such as the email postings time sequences being out of place, it still generated over $7,000 in sales for us! Its amazing how many people blog from home and make such a positive difference in Etsy seller's shops!

♥♥♥ ALL of our art prints, plates & platters, are "OUR ORIGINAL DESIGNS" designed by Alexandra Wolf. Inspired by her puppy Poni (pony) and her bird, Birdie.♥♥♥ You can see photos of Poni & Birdie, our antique books, former retail store and more at:

♥♥ Want to know more about us? The link will take you to our Profile page here on Etsy.

♥♥ We have sold over 26,000 prints, plates and platters, to 43 countries all over the world to happy customers in two years. A special thank you to our wonderful customers for their purchases, wonderful feedback, and all the very sweet and fun notes we receive daily. For us, Etsy is not only a place to sell our artwork, but also a place we have met so many fantastic people!

♥Our art prints, plates and platters are in retail stores and homes in the 43 countries of: Italy, Israel, Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, Thailand, Hungary, The United Kingdom, Slovenia, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, the USA, Switzerland, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Spain, Japan, Korea, Chile, Belgium, Argentina, The Czech Republic, Greece, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Chile, Hong Kong, Russia, Latvia, Portugal, The Ukraine, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai, Cyprus, Iceland, Kuwait, Croatia and now Uruguay! A special THANKS to our international buyers

♥ We now offer all of our prints on antique music sheet book pages. All of our prints may be made "without" the banners, or the quotes of your choice on those prints that have existing banners, as our gift. Just leave us a note when checking out as to your preference.

♥♥ALL prints are handmade to order♥♥

♥We offer Flat Rate Shipping no matter how many prints you buy♥

♥ We do not participate in the Circles or Following due to our competitors solicting our customers through those apps. In order to maintain our customer's privacy we decline. Thank you for your understanding.

BLACK raised letters on antique golden paper which makes a soft sound when each page is turned as only paper beautifully made so long ago does. BAROQUE lithographs from centuries when people once had the time to create such delicate, detailed pictures, lovingly restored into objects of desire laying against the pressed words across the page to dazzle the eye. Together the words and images merge as lovers to become one sharing a space on paper from another time to your home. This is Black Baroque!

Years ago my boyfriend left me a huge bouquet of daisies on my doorstep when we first fell in love. It was such a dramatic sight when I came home. The backdrop of a darkened stormy sky, and the bright bouquet of daisies stood out all the more. I took a photo it was so beautiful and my boyfriend surprised me by framing it with the very same Black Baroque Frame we use over and over again in our shop! That frame and picture, along with the black raised words on antique book pages, and my collection of antique books, inspired me to create Black Baroque and name it Black Baroque.

♥We have been collecting rare antique books for years. Our favorites are the 1-2 inch miniature, gold leaf paged books. Check out our flickr page to see photos of some of our rare books including one on "Cinderella"

♥We find our illustrations for our prints which are known as engravings, book plates, chromolithographs or lithographs, in antique books and antique art prints.

♥♥ Throughout Alexandra's designing career, her artwork and products she created have been featured in Country Living Magazine twice, and over 30 other national magazines. She carried her lines in her 4 retail stores, her online store, and now she brings them to you on etsy! Here are photos of her last retail store, "Poni's Parlor" and her puppy Poni (pony) and Birdie!

Delighted you stopped by♥

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.