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Top Quality Craftsmanship
Leather is Hand Cut, Hand Tooled, and Dyed from Genuine VegTanned Cowhide.
Art is a passion of mine. I enjoy all creativity in any media. I have not been able to make art my career YET, but hopefully in the future this will become an option. I create in all different mediums, but lately have had a fascination with block printing and leather work. I started doing leather work in December of 2007 as a chance to make a handmade Christmas gift for some friends. The gifts came out pretty good and felt that I enjoyed it enough to make it a bigger part of my portfolio. I now have a pretty busy order list from friends and would like to see how my work does with Etsy.
I am always expanding and experimenting with different styles and items. This is a hobby for me at the moment and my time with it sometimes is limited but, please check back often for new products.
As with any leather product care is essential. Each individual has his/her own idea and taste of what they would like in a leather product. I cannot guarantee how any product will hold up due to the many different uses by the owner. A keychain that gets used often and will be in and out of your pocket daily will wear quicker than the keychain that hangs on a key rack.
Generally these key-chains or other leather product will become softer and more plyable than when purchased after normal use. Color will darken and surface will wrinkle due to use and age. The aftercare from the customer will determine the products look. No two items will wear the same due to different climates, cut of the leather, use, etc. If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them if I can.

Although I love doing custom orders I do not guarantee I will be able to make a custom item due to my time constraints, but if you have a request for an item and would like to convo about it we may be able to reach an agreement and time-frame for the item.Just Ask!