BlackSunshine's Shop Announcement

Hey everyone, I'm Cassandra and Black Sunshine is my little corner of the world.

Please note. all prices appearing on Etsy are in US dollars. Please contact me for conversion information. (it will vary from day to day depending on the market)

Please note shipping is INCLUDED in the price listed, you will not be charged any extra after checkout!!!

I like to offer a wide variety of handmade,one off clothing, something to make you stand out in any crowd.

YES I TAKE CUSTOM ORDERS! Please send me a message for details!

Got a cupboard full of rock tees that you just don't wear any more? Send them to me, we can re vamp them into something fabulous for you!! A dress, a top, a corset, a jacket...the possibilities and amazing!

Member of DIYScene Street Team, check out other member's amazing items by searching the tag "DIYScene Team"

Thanks so much for looking & big hugs and kisses to all of you that buy my stuff!

You rock my world!!


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