BlackberryBear's Shop Announcement

"Peace on earth, goodwill to men!" We have much to be thankful for this Advent season, and wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. While the craft fair circuit has been very slow for us, we have been given new direction for our creative drive, and will be exploring new avenues for teaching, sharing, and encouraging others in their knitting and crocheting this next year. We tried some new venues, and applied to some different shows, and had our best events connected to charity and giving to others. This is a good sign for our new focus. Come along with us and see where the sharing takes us!

New yarn stock arrives almost daily, and Mom and I love putting just the right things together to make our designer yarn cakes and trifles for your perfect projects. Sometimes the yarn just calls our name, and we have to stop and work it up into a fun and fabulous wearable art piece (though they don't always end up on etsy!). If we're lucky, we can part with it long enough to photograph and list; if not, then it stays at home for a while....

The fashion shows have been influencing the color palette and types of yarns available, and retired some of our all time favorites this year. It takes constant searching and watching the top yarn manufacturers for just that perfect spot of color or WOW! that we need for the beautiful designer yarn cakes we make. New lines are becoming reality and we often test out our new items at local shows before they list on etsy.

We will be working hard to bring the rest of our unique hand made wearables and accessories to Blackberry Bear, as well as expanding our yarns, finishing details, accessories, and soft toys. Visit again soon, and discover new finds!

BTW--I am willing to ship other places, including international destinations, but please convo, and I will figure the exact shipping to you before you purchase, so you know what it will cost!