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Custom HORSESHOE hearts, WEDDING toppers, ANNIVERSARY gifts for 6th, 7th & 11th for iron, steel, copper. ENGRAVING available ** Approx 4 WEEKS CREATION TIME** Need it sooner? Plan "B" gives a picture to wrap or to create your certificate with sentiments (see below). Carefully crafted to celebrate events of life.

BlacksmithCreations specializes in creating unique custom horseshoe keepsakes. We work with you to design and create special keepsakes of the moments in your life. What sets our work apart from other horseshoe artists is Steve's attention to detail which he creates in his shoppe in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. He elevates the art of working with horseshoes, by using his 30+ years in blacksmithing and metalworking.

We are a husband and wife team, who joined our complementary skills to create our successful Etsy business.
Steve is a professionally trained blacksmith / metal smith, with over 30 years experience in metal crafting, which shows in his craftsmanship of our items. Steve creates the orders from real horseshoes.
Carolyn manages the business, including communication with you. We both really appreciate our customers! Love your stories of why you order what you do!

Notice the sizing, spacing, proportions, clean welds, and placement of the crevices on each horseshoe piece. Welding blobs are filed away, horseshoes are sanded, joints are perfectly matched, letters are proportioned, even the inside of the shoes are finished. They are all well thought out, which creates a beautiful keepsake for you or someone special.

***GENERAL FEEDBACK "This is a wedding gift for a good friend of mine. I really just found you guys by searching on Google and Etsy. Your products were the nicest I found!"

If Steve isn't happy with his work for you, he doesn't let it out of his shoppe. If you're not happy, we'll correct it.
Engraving allows more letters (i.e. longer names) than stamped shoes (which is only 9-11 letters and/or spaces). If you have a longer name, then engraving is for you!

CAKE TOPPERS can be used TWICE: during the wedding AND after as a great keepsake to hang on wall or place on the shelf *** twice the functionality for the price of one *** (I remember my cake topper which ended up in the drawer, never to be seen again. Wish I had known to do this for my own wedding!

WHEN YOU ORDER, please share your phone number and let us know your timing.

TIME CRUNCH?? OUR PLAN "B", click read more. At your request, we email a photo of your order, you print it & include the picture in your card.
You can get creative with this too...
+ You can import the picture into Photoshop or Powerpoint to create your custom certificate, with personal sentiments.
+ You can wrap the picture in a box to provide the gift giving experience!
You receive the personalized gift you'd like, and timing doesn't hamper your gift giving! A recent comment about this "Great! Yes, plan B works! Thanks for the plan B :) " We've been told we've saved a few anniversaries!

Horseshoes are made from iron. Iron is mixed with certain other metals and with carbon to form steels, to create horseshoes. That's why they are perfect for traditional anniversary gifts of iron and steel.
We use only REAL, new, clean (no manure) horseshoes, from St. Croix and Diamond horseshoe manufacturers. No cast iron replicas here....

Here's are a few comments from a few customers that used our Plan B:
A) "I gave Mark & Julie their present virtually yesterday on their anniversary - used the photo along with a copy of my message. They LOVED it!!! Thank you again."
B) "You made me look good!"
C) "If the item is not available on time I will take plan B. I do agree that it is a great idea."

*** "Someone gave my parents a horseshoe as a wedding present that still hangs in their house today and it is my favorite wedding tradition. I have been giving horse shoes as wedding gifts as long as I've been going to weddings."

*** "We absolutely love our cake topper! There was no issue with it being too heavy. It truly looks wonderful!"

*** "A sincere thank you for helping me make this anniversary special for my wife."

Other reviews:

To have the best looking engraving, we partner with a professional engraver, Stuckis Jewelers. Please indicate how you'd like the engraving to look, using the capital and lower case letters, and the dots, dashes or slashes for the date. You'll find a comments box towards the end of your order process.

NOTE: Even new horseshoes are inherently rough and some of that rustic-ness remains in each piece. They may look like slight imperfections, because it's the nature of the material ... differences add character and originality to each unique piece.
There will be slight variations in size, shape, or color from what you might see in the pictures, as each is handmade to order, by Steve.

Optional - no extra charge: At your request, we will ship the gift directly to the couple, with no invoice. Let us know if we are shipping to an address that is not yours.....(we can't always tell). We will add a note card placed with the item. Just let us know what you want it to say, and from whom (other family members?).


****CONTACT US via email within Etsy, accessed via the left column of the shoppe home page. We'll get back to you within 1-2 business days. If you prefer to talk with Carolyn, her phone number is 650-996-1939, available during business hours M-F, Pacific time zone.

ABOUT US: More info:
Thank you for supporting handmade goods and the artisans who create them!

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1. What's your TIME FRAME? Expedited? Let us know that immediately so we can create your order accordingly. If we can't accommodate, will let you know the time frame, via email within 48 hours.

2. If you haven't already indicated, what format would you like in your engraving request?
06.08.2016, 06.08.16, 6.8.16 (our recommended format), or would you like a dash or slash in-between the numbers? SUGGESTION; the more characters, the smaller the font will be to fit it into a small space. Less characters makes the engraving pop because it's bolder and cleaner. Less is more in this case.
We will have the piece engraved exactly how you spell it. To indicate your engraving request, you'll find a comments box towards the end of your order process. Please indicate how you'd like the engraving to look, using the capital and lower case letters, and the dots, dashes or slashes for the date.

3. If your order is mailed to another person's address, or, if you'd like a card with your comments included, and LET US KNOW your thoughts and what names to include on the note (other family members?). Please use the email/convo area of Etsy, to keep your comments in the same system

ONE LAST FEEDBACK. We try whenever possible.....
"This was a great choice for the iron anniversary gift! Blacksmith Creations was extraordinarily thoughtful in its communication with me given the fact that I placed my order one week prior to my anniversary and would not be able to receive the gift by that date (which was MY fault for procrastinating). They were able to e-mail me a photo of the completed gift for my wife's card and rushed its delivery so that I had it a few days after the fact. I couldn't have been more pleased with the concern and care they conveyed!"

*****If you are not happy, please let us know immediately, before you leave feedback, and we'll happily correct whatever it is. We want you to be happy with your order.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.