Blacksmiths3's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the shoppe of the Blacksmiths III!

Each item you see created here has been individually hand hot forged from every twist to each curl in mild steel, stainless steel, or reclaimed real wrought iron by either myself or my son. These items are forged in a handmade coal fired forge. We use a collection of blacksmith tools that are either forged by myself or smiths from the early 1900's. Our anvils are well cared for antiques still producing the beautiful ring of the hammer. A wonderful sturdy, ancient power hammer stands ready for work if the project requires long hours or large iron, and a precious antique foot powered pedal polisher, with its seat shined from wear, still polishes our projects large and small.

Welcome to our shoppe. Come sit, watch the fire, and listen to the ring of our hammers!