BlacstoneDesigns' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Blacstone Designs Shop! (It's Blacstone without a "K"!)
100% of my net proceeds are donated to local non profit charities.
A one woman studio…Love Designing, Creating & Motivating all while exploring a multitude of mediums and crafts in lovely Oregon. If there is a "new" ancient or unusual art form/technique....I will just have to check it out!
So in my shop you will find jewelry, ceramics, glass, metals, and what is so fun, is the ability to combine them for unique one of a kind creative designs.
But Wait...where does the Motivating come in? Ah yes...if I can find a place, you will find a Motivational or Inspiring inscription...perhaps on the bottom of the sake cup, or on a tag, or even the back of pendant....My thinking is that it just might bring a smile!