BlaiseGaubaSculptor's Shop Announcement

Hello friends, fans, followers and collectors of my unique bronze art pieces. Well, I wanted to update my Etsy site a bit and let everyone know that if you stay tuned, you will be seeing some new additions of my designs coming out over the next few weeks and months. Particularly, I wanted to let you all know that I will be focusing almost entirely on Science Fiction and Fantasy sculpts from now on. I've noticed that many of my domestic animal pieces do not sell at all and some so rarely that it hardly merits even sculpting them, let alone posting them for sale. So you will be seeing less and less of my animal pieces up for sale, as they slowly (if ever) sell off.

But, I have noticed that there is much more movement in my Sci-Fi pieces more than anything else...and since sc-fi is my passion as a sculptor, then why not focus on that area? So I am and I am having a blast doing it too. Please stay tuned to my site as the newest editions of key chains will be coming out very soon. I have three new designs that I sculpted recently all of which are Sci-Fi related. The first design I did at the end of last year (yes, only a week or two before the Christmas/New Year Holiday) I created a Flying Saucer! Wait til you see it! It is SO cool! Then that inspired me to sculpt a Retro-Style Rocket Ship which I am also very please with...and that design inspired me to sculpt yet another design of a Retro-Style Rocket Ship crashed into a small asteroid or small moon (you decide).

Anyway, these three sculpts are right now being cast in white bronze at the foundry where I do all of my castings. I am SO excited and really cannot wait to see these finished key chain art pieces. They really ARE collectible pieces indeed. I hope that you like them as much as I do.

~Blaise Gauba - Wednesday, January 2nd 2013