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Announcement    Welcome to my shop! All paintings are original and one-of-a-kind acrylic, alcohol ink or mixed media. Custom colors and sizes available upon request!


Last updated on Jul 13, 2019

Welcome to my shop! All paintings are original and one-of-a-kind acrylic, alcohol ink or mixed media. Custom colors and sizes available upon request!



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Releasing the control to art. Giving in to color.

Jenna Trunzo
Artist’s Statement

My grandfather, Arnold Ferrando, was an avid lover of oil painting and when I opened the door to his basement, I could smell the turpentine before I hit the first step. My grandpa is now in his early 90s and no longer paints, but I often remember how I used to love looking at his paints, brushes and half-covered canvases, imagining what could be created and what others would see. He especially loved painting outdoor scenes, and my beautiful grandmother, Jennie. Growing up in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, my world seemed small, while the one around me seemed anything but. Watching my grandpa paint showed me that there were other ways to travel without leaving my home. The memory of his makeshift studio and its possibilities has stayed with me all of these years.

When I was in 4th grade, my class took a field trip to The Carnegie Museum of Art. I now recognize that as a pivotal moment that inspired me to further pursue my artistic interests. I went to college at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, which, at the time, was an all-women’s private college. I earned degrees in Art History, Graphic Design, and later, was certified in Art Education. After graduation in 2002, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, which is where I currently reside. My career is in information technology - I work as a project manager at a global digital transformation company. While I don’t make a living from my art, it is an important source of fun and stress relief in my personal life.

My husband Jon and I met in high school and we’ve been married for 14 years. He loves being outdoors fishing or golfing. We have a 10-year-old daughter named Vivian who is the sugar and spice of our lives! We also have a cat named Broccoli and a bunny named Ollie that bring us a lot of joy. Jon and I moved to Raleigh to escape the Pittsburgh winters! We knew we wanted to be somewhere in the south. Since my sister already lived in Raleigh, that was an easy decision.

Through formal instruction and my own experimental practice, I have explored working with many mediums: oil, ceramics, charcoal, and acrylics, to name a few. My current work is largely created using alcohol inks in a technique called “Fluid Art.” I love watching the way the ink flows and moves, combines and separates. When I paint, I start with a broad concept and then, allow the process itself to guide the finished product. The type of art I create has always been dependent upon the amount of time I have to dedicate to it. The medium dictates the style for me. I do tend to lean more towards realism, which for a long time kept me from growing as an artist. I was afraid of being abstract, but didn’t have the time to spend perfecting details. That’s one of the reasons I love alcohol ink so much - it can be both realistic and abstract at the same time!

I always say that I’m an extroverted introvert. Art nurtures the introverted side of me. I tend to paint in the evenings when it’s quiet or in the morning when everyone is still settling into the day. Since Covid, I’ve become much more prolific because I work from home, so I’ve been painting almost every day.

I have been privileged to visit many amazing, renowned art museums around the world, which has served to inspire in me a greater appreciation and love of the creative process and its important place in history. Some of my favorite artists are Marc Chagall, Vincent van Gogh, Remedios Varo, and Andrew Wyeth. I think when you really love art, it’s more than just a hobby - it’s part of who you are. There will never come a time where art isn’t part of my life in some way.

I am a member of the Wake Forest Guild of Artists, a “RAW” alumna, and I belong to the Arts North Carolina organization. Because of these affiliations, I have been fortunate to be a part of exhibitions at Chatham University, The Renaissance Center in Wake Forest, and The Ritz in Raleigh. When I exhibited at RAW, the number of friends and family that showed up left me without words. It was a really fulfilling moment for me to feel so supported.

Quite simply, I love art: the history, the theories, the physical execution of technique, and finally, the ultimate reward for my efforts - authentically unique, one-of-a-kind, original paintings.

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you; I am here to live out loud.”
~ Emile Zola

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