Vintage Inspired Hair Accessories, Feather Fascinators

These vintage and antique brooches and jewelry pieces from the 1930s-60s add long ago glamour to Blue Brocade designs.
Forgotten vintage and antique buttons in golds, coppers, bronzes and silvers, each with stories of past lives lived.
Natural feathers in rich charcoals, smokey greys, whites, blacks, ivory and champagne, warm rusts, and jewel tones.
Lace, ribbons and braids, silks and chiffons in my favorite elegant hushed tones and pretty neutrals.
Drawing from the timeless beauty of past decades, my Blue Brocade designs are each unique, one of a kind.

Timeless Elegance for our Everyday

Blue Brocade first began while I was living in Montreal Canada, a creative French city rich in art and culture. I had a desire for feather accessories for my winter hats that were rich in color, timeless, and elegant rather than garish. I couldn't find what I hoped for and so, I began to make my own. Friends soon asked to buy them, and I never looked back. Today I specialized in vintage bridal designs, silk flowers and crowns, 1920s feather fascinators, and elegant hat brooches each rooted in historical adornment styles, using vintage pieces in new ways.

I am a lover of history, art and art making, French culture and all things old, and was inspired by Montreal, a city that dates back to the 1640s. I would lose myself in her historic neighborhoods, flea markets and antique shops, stumbling upon shops entirely devoted to 'les boutons'. I met the ever-charming Madame Bijoux who has made a life specializing in the history of costume jewelry. She opened my eyes to the histories of rhinestone brooches, and spurred my desire to bring these glamorous details into the present, to add elegance to everyday style.

The drama and beauty of feather accessories, silk flowers and pearls for hair date back centuries, and I am especially drawn to the feather accessories in the French Rococo period of the late 18th century, the Edwardian feather and hair accessory styles of the early 20th century, and the 1920s. My designs are inspired by these periods, and by the intrigue surrounding each vintage button or brooch I collect--who once owned them, what lives did they once live? These patinas of past eras inspire each design I create.

Blue Brocade accessories are perfect for adding am authentic vintage touch to weddings, glamorous soirees, rich red wines and elegant dinners for two, and I create my designs to be versatile, to be enjoyed in our every day--for side swept hair in afternoon cafes, casual summer nights, and accents on hand knit berets. My designs are created to add a classic touch to everyday styles.

Each design is completely handmade by me, bringing together these carefully selected remnants from the past. I use only feathers and silks in classic neutrals like blacks, whites, greys, champagnes, blush and mochas, accented with long forgotten buttons in silver, gold, or the warm sparkle of aged vintage rhinestones. Each design is one of a kind, harmonious and refined, bringing these forgotten elements from the past into the present, and drawing from their timeless elegance once more so they may continue to inspire us in our everyday.

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It is such a pleasure to work with these pieces of the past to create something beautiful. If you have any questions or are interested in custom designs and wholesale orders, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you so much for stopping by my shop, I hope you enjoy your visit!
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Collector of the Old and the Forgotten, lover of art and the patina of the past, Jess works, creates, and savours in Vancouver, Canada.

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