BlytheEvolution's Shop Announcement

I have been making Blythe doll eye chips since 2008, I am the pioneer in commercializing them for Blythe dolls. I was forced to make them because there were absolutely none available in the market for my dolls, not even the hand painted metallic kind. So I have a lot of experience experimenting and creating new and advanced techniques with different chemicals and products for creating special long lasting eye chips for your dolly.

Get high quality eye chips from someone who has years of experience making them. I am the first to make them for Blythe and Pullip dolls. The term: realistic eye chips was actually imposed by me. Never heard of before, lol. These chips are very time consuming and have many setting steps to make them as well as low heated setting and final touches. Don’t settle for low quality glue stick eyes from copycats that scour my shop to imitate me for a quick buck. Get your money’s worth. Your dollies deserve life long pretty eyes :o)

Eye chips cannot be exchanged or orders canceled once the purchase is made because I make the eye chips once I receive the order. I order to exchange a model or cancel an order, I NEED TO BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY. These are not mass produced chips and each set takes a lot of time to make. PLEASE make sure what eye chips you really want BEFORE placing the order and that they are for the correct type doll (Blythe, Pullip, etc).

Pullip eye chip molds are not always the same size, please make sure your Pullip, Dal or Taeyang have 12mm eyes or 13mm, or else NO DOT PURCHASE. I will NOT exchange them if they are not the right size. It's the buyers responsibility to know the size.

I am no longer taking special commission orders for special design eye chips. Making specific models takes many hours of work and takes too much of my time from my dolly customizing. And some are not willing to pay the $54 fee.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: I will not exchange eye chips due to misuse of proper glues with my acrylic chips. In all my orders I add a special note with recommended glue, which GLUES not to use and the right amount to use. If the buyer does not pay any attention to my notes, I will NOT be held responsible. I will NOT replace cracked chips due to improper care of them, I cannot be held responsible if the buyer places extreme pressure on the eye chips and cracks it. You need to revise the eye sockets for irregular bumps or roughness when you see the eye chip doesn't fit. All plastics can crack, except for flexible plastics, if they are given harsh impacts, extreme cold (freezer), from cold to hot very quickly (doll was given a boil perm, put in the freezer and taken out in hot summer weather) and given too much pressure. None of the processes that goes into making them will cause them to crack, therefore I will not replace them unless you received them cracked. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. I currently count with 12 custom Blythe dolls that have my customs realistic eye chips and absolutely NONE of them have any problem of any kind. The eye chips ALL remain clear and beautiful like the first day I placed them in. My eye chips are UV laminated and water resistant. If I could I would make them bullet proof but I can't. If businesses had to replace items with flaws caused over time they would all declare bankruptcy. So please understand that I am only one person behind these chips, they are not mass produced and my business is less than tiny.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understanding =o)