BoTyz's Shop Announcement

At BoTyz we specialize in custom made, handcrafted bow ties with unmatched originality.

Featuring a unique collection of :

ENIGMA BoTyZ. which are our 2 3/4 reversible double - sided bow ties that can be worn 6 different ways.

CONUNDRUM BoTyZ which are our 4 - sided bow ties, having four distinctly different panels, that can be tied in 16 variations..

PARADOX BoTyZ which has a unique Diamond Point elongated bow edge.

PRAGMATIC BoTyZ which are our 31/2 Butterfly bow ties.

We also have created a collection called CONVOLUTED BoTyZ which include our exclusive :

Boxed Bottom Bows
Slanted Edge Bows,
Flat Top Bows
Spade Tip Bow Ties.

It's Neck Candy for the Well -Dressed !

Why not give one a try; and tie it on with style.

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Uncommon Bow Ties

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