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Unique and one of a kind Print Art, Sculptures, Art Dolls, Original Puppets of all styles, Custom Puppets, Puppet Stages, Puppet Stands by professional artist and character designer Bob Wolanin.

BobsImagination's Shop Policies


I always like hearing from people who enjoy my work. If something I have created brings you joy, pass the message on to me. I'd love to hear it.

I take great pride in my work and my customers always tell me that they appreciate the quality of the creation.

Please read the following terms and conditions.
They cover Payment, Shipping, Refunds policies and what rights you have purchased for the one of a kind or limited edition items if applicable.


I accept credit/debit cards through PayPal or Etsy direct check out. You do not need to open an account with PayPal in order to make payment to my shop.

Money orders and checks are welcome. I will ship the item as soon as possible after the money order or check clears.

Sorry but I do not deliver COD.

I require payment in full before the item is shipped to the customer.

I insure all packages for one of a kind items for both your protection and mine to protect against loss and damages.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.


I always use postal insurance when I send one of a kind art for not only your peace of mind, but mine as well.

I DO SHIP TO OTHER COUNTRIES not listed on the Etsy page. Please contact me at bobspuppets [!at] or through Etsy for a shipping estimate.

I often ship Priority Mail within the USA by the USPS. This usually takes 2-3 days for delivery in the lower 48 USA.
Sometimes I ship via UPS or FedEx at my discretion.
I will try my best to ship out on-line orders for items in stock within 1-4 mailing days for art without mats and within 2-6 days for prints with mats except days the delivery service is closed.

Puppets that are in stock are shipped within 1-4 mailing days.
If a custom item, I will ship within 1-4 mailing days once the puppet is completed.

IMPORTANT - for puppets to be built and custom puppets I usually have a waiting list. If you are in a hurry, please contact me and I can give you a time estimate.

When I am out of town this policy may deviate. If this happens to be the case, I will notify you as soon as I receive your order notification.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my world.

Refunds and Exchanges

I want you to enjoy my creations. So PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY.

All of the items I sell that are not print art is one of a kind and handmade. There may be minor imperfections in items. These are simply unique to the piece as is all handmade art.
I insure many packages that are sent to customers. If you were unfortunate to be the recipient of an item damaged in shipping, please contact me and I will make every attempt to remedy the situation or/and discuss filing an insurance claim.

But please remember, one of a kind items cannot be replaced or exchanged for the same item. The item will be remade (with room for variations) If you still wish to receive a new "like" item, please allow time for the item to be created. (this excludes limited edition prints). or in rare cases a refund at my sole discretion.

Please contact me personally to see if an item can be "refundable". Please contact us BEFORE you buy an item to find out if the item can be refunded.

Under normal circumstances - I will not and do not issue refunds. I MUST adhere to this policy because I have had people purchase my items to see "how they are made" for their own devious and uncreative purposes then returned. I apologize that a few have to ruin it for the whole. But all in all, I make an attempt to be fair to my customers.

Remember you are buying a piece of ART. Normal artist policies for pieces of art do not allow a refund. So in most cases a refund may not be possible.

I will not accept shipments if the item is returned by the customer and the item will be returned via rejection through the postal system and a refund and/or shipping will not be issued and is done at the buyer's risk.

Given that I try to keep my art affordable to most people, I often take a little bit of a "hit" from the initial shipping cost as my way of saying "thanks for supporting me as an artist". But once shipped items are returned - this process creates a large loss for the artist which I do not pass on to my customers with over inflated prices. Other costs that are incurred to the artist are the initial exchange of currency fees by what ever method the customer used to pay for the item, another fee to me for exchanging the item and another fee for returned items and the loss of shipping.
So as you can see it would essentially cost me more than it took to create the item under certain circumstances.

98% of all print items are personally inspected by me before shipping the item out. But if the item arrives damaged or (for some unknown reason) misprinted then please contact me and I will replace the print a.s.a.p. if possible and will have the defective print destroyed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns BEFORE you purchase an item.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Depending upon your purchase of my art or puppets, this is information that is important to know!

I have priced the pieces accordingly as to the limits of these rights. These rights are negotiable.

As the creator of the art work I always legally retain the right to use the image or a photo of the item that you purchased from me for my own portfolio, advertising, promotional purposes as an artist. If it is a one of a kind piece it will be listed as "in private collection".

If you have purchased FULL RIGHTS then the piece is the one and only piece be it print, sculpture, puppets, etc.
If you purchased an original digital print (not a limited edition print), this includes your rights to the original digital version that I will put on DVD or CD which contains the file (the image) at full resolution.
No more prints will be made. Yours is it. The original.
However, I am allowed to use images of the item as stated in the first paragraph of this FAQ unless negotiated otherwise.

If you wish to purchase one of my pieces for commercial purposes, then please contact me and we can negotiate a fair price for full commercial use.

If you purchased an Original Sized Print, you will receive the one TRUE original print with what is called - partial rights.
This means that I wish to hold certain rights. I may be able to reproduce and sell smaller sized prints as limited editions of your original or for sale on items such as (but not limited to) note cards, etc.
Example: you purchased 20x24 size Original Print. Then I may sell limited editions of such as 8x10 or 5x7.
I have priced the piece accordingly as to the limits of these rights.
But I always am willing to negotiate with true collectors for your ability to purchase full rights such as you would for a one of a kind painting or sculpture.
As a matter of fact, many of you do.

If you have purchased a Limited Edition Print, these are signed by me and numbered. Only a limited number of prints in the listed size are made. Once they are sold, they are gone and will not be reprinted.
The total number of prints made of the piece should be posted within the listing for the item on my ETSY store page.
Prints are numbered via artist standard.
That is: #000 - the real and original print which often belongs to the artist for the purposes of the first paragraph in this FAQ.

Then the prints are numbered -
Example: 10 limited edition prints. This means only 10 were made and can be sold.

Example: You purchase a limited edition print and it has a number combination written on it that looks like this-
which means that you have print #3 of a total #10 prints made of the piece.
I always send/sell the lowest number print in a series on a first come first serve basis as these are often more desirable.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you again for looking at my creations.
If we never meet, please have a brilliant life!

Seller Information

Bob's Imagination
6738 South State Road 45
Bloomfield, Indiana, 47424, USA (puppets & art dolls)
bobsimagination [!at]

Last Updated January 23, 2014