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JEWELRY,RING,BRACELETS,NECKLACES,EARRINGS. Jewelry designer of handmade jewelry, jewelery that's big, bold,beautiful fashion jewelry and jewelry that's unique and ONE OF A KIND,ooak. BIG RINGS,STATEMENT RINGS,JEWELRY and some restyled clothing too! BIG BOLD DRAMATIC Rings,bracelets,necklaces,earrings all works of art jewelry. UNIQUE!! They are one of a kind, most artist signed and are unique fashion jewelry, statement jewelry using stones & jewelry designs of art. Fashion jewelry w/ jewelry art and jewelery like these pieces of jewelry designs are unique, dramatic, rare and unusual ! As a jewelry designer of art jewelry all of the jewellery is handmade jewelry & handcrafted jewelry. You'll find the rings bracelets, necklaces, earrings, fashion jewelry, costume jewelry are jewelry of all kinds & styles so there is alot to choose from and can be worn by anyone.There is also a big selection of hand painted stone rings, and stone jewelry that's fashion jewelry and a glamorous style of costume jewelry that's a fashion style all of its own, which is what makes it all that much more special to have and wear.
I design costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, statement rings and statement jewelry, that's dramatic, rare, one of a kind and unique pieces of jewelry and I enjoy creating these designs as well as my other creations in design because it brings me a lot of pleasure to have someone admire and want a piece of my artwork for their very own, also because it is a work of art, the person who wears one of my designs knows and feels there will only be one in the whole world and because of it being a one of a kind, It makes a piece more desirable & special for them to have and own.
Check out my jewelry store If you are looking for jewelry online, there you will find a full selection of quality, handmade jewelry, jewelry designs, and creations in my shop, and that is where you are sure to see lots of pieces of jewelry to get a big variety of statement jewelry, statement rings and more that are beautiful dramatic pieces of jewelry made from beads, beadwork, bead jewelry, beaded necklaces, beaded earrings, bead rings, beaded bracelets, stone jewelry, gemstone jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry, wire jewelry, polymer clay jewelry, collage, art deco, art jewelry, crystals,glass, jewels, felt, fabric and much more. In my jewelry store I also have many other designs for different types of items That I add so as to mix it up a bit.
You just never know what you might find.
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