BottleSlumperShop's Shop Announcement

My Slumped flat bottles are perfect for entertaining! I use them for serving cheese and other snacks, like bread and pecan rolls (yum!) Most have our very own signature handle melted into the neck, so it's easy to pick up, and surface protectors on the bottom to protect your furniture.
My Slumped bottle bowls are fun for olives, peanuts, crackers and even candy or banana splits! They also make great spoon rests!
If you want to display a Slumped Bottle on the wall with a decorative hook, maybe in your cocktail area, dining room or kitchen, we have some that you can hang from a little wire loop that is melted into it.
This is how some of my customers tell us they use their Slumped Bottles:
Flat Bottles -cheese ball, cheese slices, meat slices, avocado slices, butter dish, to cut limes, spoon rest, tea bag saucer, display in a pretty plate stand.
Bottle Bowls -olives, crackers, nuts, dips, veggies, cigars, business cards, sugar packets, tea lights, paper clips. Keep in touch and let me know your ideas.

My Slumped Bottles do not contain any lead based coatings or paints, like some others. We use only non-toxic adhesives to apply the labels and decor. That is why our labels are sensitive to extreme heat and being immersed in water for a long period of time. Looking good is important, but safety is number one!

Your One-of-a-kind Slumped Bottle will last a very long time, if you treat it like any other special serving dish. Gently wash it with soap and water and dry it before storing. Don't use an abrasive sponge or cleaner on the back of your Slumped Bottle if it has a label on it. Be careful not to tap the Slumped Bottle against a hard surface or it may break, just like any other glass dish would.

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