BoxerBliss' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop, dedicated to keeping boxers blissfully warm!

My fleece jackets are designed specifically for boxer dogs (also greyhounds). With their large chest and small hips, generic sweaters just don't work for them.

My jackets are sewn of fleece and are designed to follow your boxer's shape. A proper fit allows two inches of "wiggle room". You can select one of the printed fleece fabrics listed below for your boxer's fleece jacket, or you can choose any solid color.

Since all dogs are unique,if you send me the measurements of your boxer, I can sew a jacket to fit them perfectly, in your choice of color(s).

Measurements needed are:
Chest (deepest part, behind front legs)
Belly (where sweater will end, before back legs for female, a little sooner for male)

Total Length from neck to before back legs
For MALE DOGS ONLY: length along back from neck to where male parts start

By the way, your dog does not have to be a boxer to receive a custom sewn jacket. All dogs deserve to be warm in a jacket that fits - a BoxerBliss jacket!

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