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Thank you for visiting my store. I am introducing a new collection in my store called METAL MEMORIES COLLECTION as a part of my new Style For You/Style for Your Home. We have hometown spirit jewelry as well as hometown spirit accessories.
Stay connected with family and friends and give these as gifts that will be keepsakes for a lifetime. We will create for you copper or brass hand designed cutouts of all fifty states in the U S and all countries around the globe. JUST ASK FOR YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION.
We can personalize your exact location or any location of family and friends that you wish. There will also be framed metal cutouts in each collection that will complement any item in a particular collection. Hometown spirit jewelry and home accessories make wonderful gifts for any occasion and are keepsakes for a lifetime!

. We have ceramics to enhance any home décor with the Egyptian Collection, Equine Collection, Fleur de Lis collection and the By The Sea collection. All of these collections will offer items for home décor and coordinated items for you. Tote bags, tiles, necklaces, etc. will enhance this collection .For details check out the descriptions below of each collection.

METAL MEMORIES COLLECTION - is a brand new and exciting collection at Brenrose Lane. Add a hometown spirit jewelry item or home accessory to your shopping list for any occasion where you want to gift a gift that is a wonderful keepsake! If you have a special place such as your hometown, favorite vacation spot, place of marriage or honeymoon, where your children were born, perhaps where your children now live, or that place in the world you dream about, this collection will delight you!
A great collection to capture fond memories for your self and a wonderful keepsake gift for anyone for any occasion. It includes custom designs in brass or copper of all fifty states in the United States and all countries around the globe. JUST ASK ME FOR YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION............
All will have a brushed finish with hammered edging. Custom framed on a black background and framed in a 4 X 6 black frame. I have several selections already posted to my store. "Convo" me for your specific choice. Personalization is available. All coastal areas can easily be personalized as our designs are detailed accordingly. These will be "custom" orders and will require additional time to complete and ship to you. See item for details.

THE EGYPTIAN COLLECTION - I am introducing numerous new items to form this collection. This collection adds that "little something unique" to any home decor.

THE EQUINE COLLECTION - this collection features ceramic equine selections-- My collection isn't just for horse lovers but can work into any home decor since the horse has a universal appeal. A wonderful addition to any coffee table aside those treasured coffee table books, displayed in a bookcase or in a special place atop the side table. Great for any room in the house--great as a gift for that someone special, housewarming, birthdays, etc. .

THE FLEUR DE LIS COLLECTION - a collection that features a neutral pallette of designs of the fleur de lis. This symbol is a part of French royalty and culture and is seen in art, architecture, design and religion. It denotes wealth, prosperity and royalty. It can blend into any style of home decor. This symbol adds a touch of elegance to any home or office. It is widely used in the New Orleans and Louisiana regions of the country. I will be adding framed metal memories to this collection as well. Jewelry to enhance this collection will be added along with totes.

BY THE SEA COLLECTION-- This collection features high quality bisque handpainted i n light and dark blue hues with burst of various shades of purple which is created by a special glaze that produces unique patterns during the firing process. This blending of color reminds one of the sun as it glimmers upon the water reflecting the beautiful shades of blue of the sea and the bubble effect reminds one of the bubbles of the waves as they lap upon the seashore. Framed Metal Memories along with tote bags, pendant necklaces will also be added.

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