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3 months

"Christine over at DandyLion Designs has been busy making a number of beautiful rings using Mohawkite, Covellite and Cobalto-Calcite from Bright Star Gemstones. Check out all her creations at\nwww.instagram.com/dandyliondesigns11/"

5 months

Awesome 3-way collaboration w/ Etsy shop Stonearches, customer LDzinR & Bright Star Gemstones. Sterling bezel and 14k bail & jump ring. Keep up the good work Charles and thank Lisa!

1 year

Roselyn from the Etsy shop DesignsByRoselyn used a combination of Lapis Lazuli and Pearls in this very classy set of earrings!

2 years

Caitlin from Etsy.com/shop/agujayclavojewelry is back with a stunning necklace! Several years ago a woman bought a few gems from me at a show. They were destined for her daughter who was just getting started in jewelry making. It turns out it was Caitlin!

2 years

Jeweler and river guru Kestrel Kunz used a Chrysocolla gemstone cut by Bright Star to create this made-to-order pendant using a unique Viking wrap. You can find more of Kestrel's cool jewelry on Etsy in her shop FalcoSDesigns.

3 years

Several months ago Caitlin from Etsy.com/shop/agujayclavojewelry shared her turquoise necklace. This time she is back with an awesome Southwest style ring using an Illusion Sunstone from Bright Star Gemstones. Keep up the good work!

3 years

This gorgeous pendant was wrapped by Don Reed at SnobAppealJewelry.com using a Pyritized Ammonite from Siberia.

3 years

Nordstrom Rocks from Portland, OR created this awesome pendant using a Pyritized Ammonite from Bright Star Gemstones.

3 years

Kimmie from Runnin' Boar Minerals created this unique pendant using two favorite gemstones - charoite from Russia and amethyst with fluorite from Colorado.

3 years

Caitlin from Etsy.com/shop/agujayclavojewelry created this lovely necklace using a piece of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Nice job Caitlin!

5 years

Green & blues! New chrysocolla gemstones. Some of the cabochons include green malachite & blue azurite.