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The world is my studio. The French Quarter, New Orleans.
Beauty is in the details. Botanical Gardens, St. Louis.
Courtyard Entrance - The French Quarter, New Orleans.
Heather Green - Photographer and Shop Owner
Boudreaux, my trusty sidekick.

A Heart Captured...

Hello, my name is Heather and I appreciate you stopping by to learn a little bit more about me. I grew up in Minnesota and spent most weekends and summers of my childhood on my grandparents farm. It was an amazing childhood. Where using creativity and imagination was encouraged and fostered. My cousins and I dreamed of all kinds of wonderful ways to entertain ourselves. We built forts in the hay loft, created "beautiful" rock collections from what we could find on the gravel driveway and carved scrap wood, which we found around the farm, into gifts for our parents. We made friendship bracelets for each other (and some of our favorite animals), played hide and seek in the cornfields and helped our grandma knot old fashion quilts. During the long Minnesota winters, we would go out into fields and built the best sledding tracks and jumps to be found within the county.

It laid the foundation.....

I first dabbled with photography in high school but my love and obsession with it really began about 13 years ago when I bought my first digital camera. Coming from a long line of artist and crafters, I have myself explored many artistic mediums. I enjoyed them all but with the purchase of that first digital camera, the artist in me finally came alive! My heart was captured by the beauty and wonder that I could create with my camera and post processing and there was no turning back.

Fast forward....

I moved to New Orleans in my 20's and settled in St. Louis after Hurricane Katrina blew me north. During my time in New Orleans I fell in love....both with a city and a cute Cajun guy I picked up along the way. Our friends now all clamber to come over when my husband is crafting his authentic Cajun cuisine. I share my love of NOLA by capturing her beauty through my lens.

And here we are....

My Etsy shop opened in early 2010 after I spent a few years dreaming about and planning my little shop. Briole Photography is my "second, full time job". Many hours are spent each week editing photographs, learning new techniques, listing items, filling orders, promoting and connecting with other Etsy artist. The most rewarding part of owning an Etsy shop is connecting with you, the customer. It gives me so much joy when I receive a message from a customer saying that my art reminds them of a special place or that they love their print. It has been beyond a wonderful and rewarding experience!

To sum it all up….

I photograph the places and things in this world that I love and find beautiful.

My photography is an interpretation of how I see these places and things and how they make me feel.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your support!
Heather Green
owner, maker, designer, curator, Photographer
Hi, I am Heather, shop owner and photographer at large.
Briole uses 2 manufacturers.


  • Professional Photo Lab Minnesota, United States I use a professional photo lab to print any of my photographs that are larger then 11"x14".
  • Canvas Manufacturer Longmont, CO, United States Photographs are printed on genuine artist canvas, using fade resistant pigment ink and are finished with a protective finish to help protect the canvas against UV rays and scratching.

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