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They're Here!!!

The Dragons are HERE. The Timeless Gypsy has joined forces with There Be Dragons Here (Mathos Na Droconum Atha) to create a line of Dragon Treasure boxes and Dragon Vein Jewelry. .

I create jewelry designs from many different materials; glass, silver, gold, copper, gemstone beads, such as Rose Quartz, Picture Jasper, Garnet and Amethyst, I also use MOP, Plastic Methods beads and Thai silver. I try my best not to use materials that may be endangered such as Coral.

Working in the Jewelry industry for over 20 years I have found things may not always be as they seem.
Most coral, unless it is vintage, comes via the Philippines which has many endangered reefs. Though we may purchase it from Taiwan and other countries, it probably originated from the Philippines and there is no way to tell unless a dna test is done.

I am also less excited about Amber I won't brag that there may be ancient bugs and things in it because, I have learned, if an importer wants bugs put in their Amber they can have it done upon request. Though it may cost them extra it can be done.

Treasure boxes, designs are hand drawn, set into the wood with a wood burning tool, followed by possibly adding colour and crystals. I also take requests on designs.

I do take requests on colour, style, length and design if I have the stock on materials, I will also take requests on treasure box designs and will attempt it, if I feel I can do it.

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