BurntOrangePress' Shop Announcement

BurntOrangePress offers original, hand-drawn visual art pieces ranging from children's book illustrations to made to order personalized drawings of pets as pop culture icons ("Pop Culture Pets"), etc. We feature two series: "GrrrOwls" (captioned, anthropomorphized social commentary illustrations of owls in ink and watercolor pen on paper) and "this is a chinchilla" (ink and paper selected illustrations from a children's book of opposites) as well as our made to order collaboration opportunities.

BurntOrangePress writer, illustrator and teaching artist Alyson Paige Warren earned her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She teaches, reads, writes and talks to her cat, Batman in Chicago, IL. Please feel free to contact the shop with any questions and/or specific orders. Thanks for visiting!