Handmade items to brighten your world

Fresh produce from my wooden garden ready to cheer your garden and mark your plants!
Crocheting is a long time favorite for me. I especially enjoy working with cotton because I love the way it feels.
A Blue Jay enjoying seed from a aluminum platform feeder. No maintenance required!
Enjoying the winter sunshine!
Handmade note cards (blank inside) with lighthearted words of encouragement on the front.

Busy Hands Aftercrafts

Hello, welcome to my shop!
Creativity has always been a part of who I am. Eye pleasing color and function are important. I take pride in my work and it gives me great joy to know others use my products.
It has always amazed me how one string can be manipulated into a completely different usable item. I'm a bit of a historian and in being so, I find my craft especially rewarding knowing I'm continuing a tradition that was once necessary for use in everyday living. It makes me value the time and care put into each stitch. In this modern world , where everything is quickly led by the latest electronics it's easy to forget about the humble beginnings of our ancestors. Being creative & keeping my hands busy is my bridge between the traditions of old and our ever advancing future.
In addition to crocheting I have a confession to make...I have a hard time throwing useful items away. Recycling old items onto something different is a creative freedom I especially take pleasure in. Aftercrafting opens the door for all kinds of creativity using all kinds of materials.
Busy Hands Aftercrafts is my special shop where I am free to be the creative me doing good for you. Now, that makes me happy!

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Lisa Sunderman
Owner, Etc.
I am happily married to a wonderful man who inspires me to be creative. I have three children and one beautiful granddaughter.
Chi-warrior And Model
Pennie Sunderman

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