ButterflyEffectInc's Shop Announcement

I SHIP WORLDWIDE! It is our belief here at the Butterfly Effect Inc. that we are all connected, like an elegant, elaborate, and complex tapestry. Therefore, in respect for the whole, we strive to be socially conscious and responsible in all that we do in our personal lives, professional lives, and commercial lives. Just like the scientific phenomena which states that a Butterfly flapping its wings in NYC affects the weather patterns in the rain forests in Brazil; we also believe that a woman buying one of our silk wraps in NYC affects the lives of women and families in Southeast Asia, the United States, South America and elsewhere in the global market. It is for this reason that we are making every effort to buy our silk from women's fair trade cooperatives and purchase our vintage jewelry direct from sweet little old vintage ladies.

Each person who is continuously working on the development of this shop has a personal involvement in International Human Rights, domestic Human Rights, and their Local Living Community, Together, we have an interesting and diverse combination of experiences which has forged the foundation of our companies philosophy. We make it our first priority to be socially conscious, mutually respectful, and authentic in all of our transactions; and we also make it our primary goal to provide our customers with beautiful, quality, and fair trade creations.

I have been an artist and designer for almost 30 years, first selling my jewelry designs to Saks Fifth Avenue in 1988; and later becoming a human rights attorney. I believe that we offer our buyers the finest quality handmade artisan wraps; along with some of the most beautiful and authentic vintage jewelry made by the finest designers of the past. You can expect to find, in our shop, the most exquisitely hand made silk and merino wool wraps/shawls/scarves; along with some of my original jewelry designs. In addition, we offer lovely authentic vintage jewels made with pride by designers, and fine craftsmen/women of old, who had an eye for refined beauty and an impeccable skill for designing with an amazing attention to detail. A skill rarely expressed in our modern "vintage style" jewelry.

We LOVE to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us;or visit our facebook page at: and leave your comments; or visit our blog: We will be posting stories and photos of some of the original Charming Vintage owners of the Vintage jewelry in our shop.