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Custom Created ButterflyOrb with soft colors and gentle movment this orb is quite lovely in appearance.
Flower Orbs can be created as well and since each one is so unique it becomes a very special order.
Close up of the butterflies.
Purple is a very strong favorite!
Another sweet flower orb!

ButterflyOrbs that enchant both young and old alike....

Each orb is such a joy to create, from the trimming of the butterflies, to the shaping of the orb and then attaching the butterflies to the orb and then....most thrilling is the final step where all of a sudden you have created this amazing looking orb mobile.
Never ceases to amaze me at the creation and 'birth' of each and every orb I make.
Then, the different sizes and the color combinations just continues to be such a pleasure to create.
All, yes, all the orbs at my shop are from the creative minds of my clients and when I have the opportunity I grab a photo of the creation that is soon to find a new home. Astounded still by the creativity with colors.
owner, maker, creator
As a lover of nature and movement, I have created a lovely orb shaped mobile that celebrates both. Easily at home in a nursery, spa, bedroom, schools, offices and then some.

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