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Unique hand-crafted mobile art. Designed just for you in your colors.

My shop is here: https://www.Etsy.com/shop/ButterflyOrbs

My Story:
A while back, about 3 years ago while sitting on my back porch I had a daily visitor.

A delightfully engaging white butterfly that would land on my hand or shoulder and just flutter about me every day on the porch. Most amazing to have such a 'nature' friend . I would sit on the back porch and there would come the butterfly. her delicate wings and gentle nature was a welcome daily delight.

So with my inspiring butterfly visitor, I began the process of creating a unique mobile... one that would be with butterflies. The first couple of attempts were laughable to say the least, cringe-worthy attempts to make what I saw in my minds eye. Isn't that often true when we start something new or learn something new, it can be awkward and challenging.

My vision and the actual results were not matching up. Then, with patience and time the orb mobile began to look better and better. My desire and persistence was strong. So another helper came along. She was an engineer and 'saw' what was lacking in terms of fine-tuning the wiring of the orb so it looked prettier. Ta-da! The orb was fully realized and 'birthed', so to speak.

So here I am creating mobiles with grace and with movement that is so enchanting and loving it. I have moved away from my lovely back porch and miss my butterfly friend who was such an inspiration to me. She would even 'dance' at the window screen if I was inside.

I feel 'grace' from that white butterfly telling me, Yes. Create.

I am Ann of ButterflyOrbs. I flutter about at Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Kindly 'wing' your way to visit me at these places if you are so inclined.

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