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6 days

Millinery Flowers Vintage Trim Lot Gold Floral Embellishment Craft 60s 70s Handmade Bridal Jewelry Wedding Hair Accessories Fascinator Japan The Making

2 weeks

Trim Seashells Bead Natural Sea Shell Real Conch 100 Drill Piece Vintage Mix Lot Tiny Small Mini Assorted Color Mixed Jewelry Handmade Craft The Making

2 months

Vintage Fabric Pack Japan Cotton Linen Gingham Floral Flower Print Strips Solid Color Lace Zakka Mix Precut Bundle Scraps Grab Bag Assorted The Making

3 months

Vintage Fabric Pack Gingham Plaid Retro Scrap Bundle 20 Color Lot Grab Bag PreCut Cotton Check Print Japanese By the Yard Destash Design Set The Making

4 months

Vintage Beads Lot Assorted Loose Lucite Plastic Acrylic Mixed Grab Bag Round 6mm 8mm Cherry Red Pink Green Bubblegum Gumball Retro Mod Japan The Making

9 months

Vintage Fabric Bundle Pack Cotton Floral Flower Print Retro Lawn Charm Scraps Remnants Precut Yard Assortment Assorted Destash Lot Grab Bag The Making

1 year

Fabric Cotton Pack Vintage Retro Flower Floral Print 32 Mix Design Fashion Color Precut Bundle Scraps Grab Bag Gift Set Material Collection The Making

2 years

Vintage 70s 80s Dress Cotton Stripe Retro Mod 50s 60s Print Women Small Medium Black Grey Shirt Button Sundress Short Sleeve Midi Full Skirt The Lookbook

2 years

Vintage dress 70s 80s retro gingham print new look button sundress japanese cotton black white boho petite sleeveless strap full swing skirt. The lookbook style.