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<<< NEW RANGE >>>
This year I'm introducing new items to my store as a part of my 'WILD HIDE' range. This range will consist of high quality meticulously handcrafted items using full grain leather, starting with satchels created from full kangaroo leather skins, and the offcuts feeding back into my 'RESCUED and REPURPOSED' range.
Starting with this WILD HIDE Kangaroo Leather Satchel:
From our hilltop cottage in an Australian country village the 'by marie-nicole' rescued and repurposed handcrafted wares continue to be valued across the globe thanks to this little Etsy store...

Keeping minimal waste practices, small scale production of quality crafted products & artisan techniques alive... and most importantly appreciated in this modern day society consumed by cheap mass production. The waves of change are slowly taking affect... as an artisan earning a living through practising what I truly believe in, I see it first hand every time I receive an order from a conscious consumer & a message of gratitude when they receive their one of a kind item created with passion and respect for our earth and global community.
Enjoy meandering through the many handcrafted items currently available... Totes & Satchels, iPad Sleeves made from Repurposed Blankets with Kangaroo Leather off cut features along with Feather and Leather items, made with feathers collected on a daily feather hunt, courtesy of our beautiful Saxony, Black Cayuga & Muscovy Ducks along with the divine feathers of our Light Sussex Rooster 'King George', the most gentlemanly rooster I have ever met!
A very BIG THANK YOU to:
- all who have purchased from my shop to date
- all who have included my work their treasuries
- Etsy for featuring my shop on their blog
- all who read the feature and left such encouraging and thoughtful comments.
- Frankie Magazine for including my guitar cases in their Frank Bits
- Poppytalk for featuring a guitar case in their treasury
- Inside Out Magazine for including me in their Esty Design Awards Entrants Feature
- Etsy Design Awards for selecting me to be a finalist in the Business as Unusual Category

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Old woollen blankets and kangaroo leather offcuts add character to my products and form the basis of my range. I have always managed to see potential in something old or an item that would ordinarily be destined for the rubbish heap. The more we throw out and replace the more we diminish our resources unnecessarily. Artisan techniques are not about mass production they are about passion, detail and beauty, uniqueness, incorporating these into functional items while enhancing our everyday living experience... this is what leads me create the products that I do.

I am inspired to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us and encourage people to shop with consideration for our environment and our future by sustaining craftmanship skills that enable us to take care of ourselves and not rely so heavily on a supply chain to provide us with our needs. 

So many beautiful hearted people enter my world through my Etsy store & Artisan markets and for that I am truly grateful. xx
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