ByzantineIcon's Shop Announcement

The imagery from the byzantine icons is easy recognizable across different beliefs and cultures. The icons we paint date back from ancient christianity but they are still timeless and universal. Therefore they are as actual now a days as in the past.

Handmade icon
The icon is handmade. It's a long process to paint an icon and it takes as minimum 4 days for the icon painter. The icons are reproduced after specific and restrictive rules. They reproduces stories which gives the observer the possibility to seek the divine in everyday life.

22 carats gold leaf and tempera
The icon is coated with 22 carats gold leaf. It's written with tempera techniques. It's a technique where the colour pigments are mixed with eggs and water and then used to write the icon. The colour is placed in thin layers. It affect the following layers and gives a beautiful and profound colour.

Gesso and MDF
The icon is written on gesso (chalk). It contain 12 layers of gesso on an MDF slab. In the 7th. layer there's a tradition for incorporate a prayer. On the white gesso the tempera gives beauty and a profound colour which is additional enhanced by the gold background.

Byzantine tradition
The Virgin Supplicating is handmade by byzantine traditions. Over several centuries the monks at Athos among others has written their icons after careful composed precepts which should give the icon a possibility to open a door to divine presence. According to the byzantine tradition an icon is made as God created the world from darkness to light.

While the icon is written there is a tradition that the icon painter prays to Jesus Christ. When inhale he prays Kyrie Elison and when exhale Kristi Elison. Writing an icon is a long proces so often a lot prayers goes to the icon.

Additional information
The size of the icon is 27cm x 21cm x 21mm (height x width x Thickness).

If you want more information about the icons we write you are welcome to contact us.