CAROLAMVINTAGE's Shop Announcement

Vintage fashion believers and defenders are attracted by the idea of bringing clothes back to life - clothes once forgotten and left behind in the past. Each of our clothing items holds its own distinct secret and tell us a different story. Vintage clothing is special and will make you even more special than you are now.

Our mission is to investigate, locate, and tirelessly select garments that revive the best vintage clothing at the best price. Quality vintage is about timeless stylish designs that will make you different from the rest.

Moreover, in addition to all the benefits offered by vintage clothing (more or less 25 years old), we are fascinated by the romantic side of vintage. We cannot help but imagine and individual that in the past wore that vintage dress; someone feeling happy, enjoying a moment of love, or maybe crying a bit - the vintage dress was the front-line witness. We wish vintage clothign could share with us all it has experienced ...

If you like good quality vintage, then Carola is the place to be. Be Carola, be vintage.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.