Newborn VIntage Inspired knit and Crochet Garmets

A Dream Come True

It all began when I was pregnant with my little girl 2 years ago. Before that I was only making blankets for family and friends. I came to love everything baby when I was designing her first newborn hat for her photo shoot. I also needed to find something that I loved while staying home with her. It became so addictive to design new hats and my dream came true. This is something that I love and hope to design and create for many years to come. I now spin yarn, dye the yarn, knit, and crochet hats, leg warms, blankets, diaper covers, bow ties, headbands, and classic ties.
Christi Bjornberg
It all started here when I was pregnant with my first baby girl. I was amazed at the importance of her first newborn photo shoot. I love designing everything baby and look forward to making your one of a kind creation.

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