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Due to problems posting new listings, please contact me via Conversation Email here in Etsy if you don't find a posting for a New Doll's Birth Certificate & Personality Pictures - See DISCOUNT COUPON CODES below. Click ABOUT for an overview. Story Books are now available! Save $3 to $30 on $22 to $240 purchases as follows:

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*Codes can be used on any grouping of items where the List Prices total to the above-listed minimum amounts (before tax or shipping), and the Discount will be deducted from the purchase during checkout; codes can be used more than one time.

In the Left Column of this page, under Shop Info, click ABOUT to see more info about my Mouse (or Rat) Dolls!

I spend between 9 and 12 hours on each of these 18" dolls. Using non-toxic glue, the eyes and noses are glued and attached with permanent "locknuts" on the inside and are sewn at the base to multiple layers of quilting polyester sheeting for additional security against removal. The wooden buttons on the doll's arms and legs are tied with strong string, and multiple termination knots are glued in order to protect from choking hazards. The heart-shaped birth mark is sewn on with 2 or 3 stitches on each side and glued on the back side, and it could possibly be torn off with effort.

These dolls are of the highest quality imaginable--they are a true treasure, and a quality doll that can withstand play! (I have three 8-year-old GrandDaughter's, and their Mouse Dolls that are now 5 years old still look brand new! (The dresses show wear if not cared for, but the Doll holds up miraculously!)

Premade and Custom-Built Dolls are available for creating a personality after your purchase, and the Date of Birth will preferably be assigned as the your own birthday using the year you purchased the doll, or alternatively the date-of-purchase or the date-of-manufacture. Look for the Birth Certificate/Personality Picture option in order to initiate purchase of these special documents.

Because these dolls are so unique, replications will be offered. The Replica will not be "exactly" the same due to random placement of embellishments upon a dress; for a Replica, the doll number will be enhanced to indicate it's true position in production, combined with the number of the doll being replicated. When specific fabrics are no longer available, similar fabrics can be offered as an alternative for a Replica as long as the general description of the fabric is the same as the original "intent" of the original fabric. Replication will be limited to availability of dress fabrics and replication will not be available when the original supply or suitable substitution fabric supplies run out.

For the Mouse / Rat dolls with personalities, If a doll named "Susan" is sold, a new "Susan" should carry a middle name such as "Susan Eileen" or have a distinctly-different Personality and Clothing. Non-personality dolls will not be controlled in this manner. Any Rat Doll can have the same name as a pre-existing Mouse Doll, subsequently using the same criteria, and a Personality can be similar to the Mouse Doll of the same name simply because one is a Mouse and one is a Rat.

WARRANTY/RETURN POLICY: The 18" Mouse or Rat Dolls are is warranted forever for the stringing of the Arms and Legs--if it should ever fail, simply return it to me and I will fix it and return it to you. The product is warranted for 3 months against normal wear-and-tear defects and during this 3-month period only the specific defective item will be replaced (unless there is a problem matching the item); for example, a leg ripped due to a failed stitch or defect in the fabric and the replacement fabric for a new leg doesn't match well--the entire doll will be replaced if that is the case--or if the dress fabric failed, the dress will be repaired or replaced as appropriate with the same or similar-themed fabric. After 3 months, for any defects or damage, I will negotiate a low price for you to recover your loss, however, the defective item must be returned in order to substantiate the claim.

SALES TAX: I am required to collect Sales Tax for sales that originate from the state of New Jersey.

PRIVACY POLICY: I do not share any information about you with any other party. I have no tracking for my Web Page and do not know who visits my store unless you Favorite an item. I am only aware of the words you use to search for my products. I am a sole proprietor. Refer to ETSY's Privacy Policy for more information.

The Stuffed Toy Act requires manufacturers to list the contents of a Stuffed Toy and to register with states that require registration. The State of New Jersey, where I am located, does not require registration. Additionally, for states that require registration, a requirement is that there is a stationary location through which the toy is sold in that state. I am an independent toy maker, and I do not have a stationary location through which I sell this doll in the state of NJ--these dolls are only sold on-line, at some Craft Fairs, and at some Antique-Type Merchant Malls. From my research, an online seller does not have a real-estate location that makes them eligible for registration since customers do not enter our building in order to make the purchase. Additionally, the requirements for the statement of content does not have a high level of requirements; for that reason I am providing a list of contents that far exceeds the requirements for Stuffed Toys and for Fabrics. Additionally, under the registration required by some states, flammability testing by certified laboratories is required which is adverse to small toy manufacturers based on the cost; for that reason, a bill has been passed to remove that burden from small toy manufacturers.

This information is being offered to you so that you are aware of laws that are provided to protect you, the consumer. On the 18" dolls, it is my pledge to you that I affix noses, eyes, and buttons as described above in order to protect against choking hazards. For the smaller 8" baby mouse/rat and 4" infant mouse/rat, the beaded eyes/noses are below the standard for choking hazard, and the weighted bottoms consist of small plastic bags covered with food-safe paper and filled with either course sand or miniature glass or plastic beads that are also below the standard for choking hazards. (I avoid regular size sand as that type of filling can cause a child to asphyxiate or suffocate because of the fine powder that could be breathed in or swallowed.) The small amounts of Pink color on the ears of these smaller dolls are created with permanent ink markers for which no information is available as to toxicity in its dried state, thus licking or chewing the dried ink areas should be avoided. Other interior stuffings are 100% polyester polyfill. Types of plastic, rubber, and fabric contents are provided on the labels by an estimated percentage of total content.
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Copyright 2010 Cynthia Deaton Houlroyd for 18" Mouse Doll and Rat Doll, Clothing (designs and patterns but not fabrics), and Literature for Rodent Family Tree and "Three Blind Mice..." Story.*

Copyright 2011 Cynthia Deaton Houlroyd for Mouse / Rat Doll Personalities.*

Copyright 2013 for Baby Mouse/Rat Dolls and Clothing (designs and patterns but not fabrics).*

Copyright 2013 for Infant Mouse/Rat Doll (designs and patterns but not fabrics).*

NOTE: Fabrics, ribbons, thread, embellishments (stickers), flowers, beads, buttons, jeweled hearts, and accessories are not part of my copyright, which have their own distinct manufacturers/copyrights.
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