CORRUGATEDmosaic's Shop Announcement

Corrugated Mosaics is an unusual collection of one of a kind creations that transform recycled materials and found objects into Fine Art/Fine Craft for you and your home, plus wonderful gifts to enchant family and close friends.

Using a utility knife, straight edge, tweezers and white craft glue, I construct the frame or foundation for each piece from recycled corrugated cartons.
The primary surface embellishments are created in a style I call Corrugated Mosaic, which relies primarily on the subtle color of the paper itself, plus the texture and shadows created by the corrugations.
To expose the corrugations to best effect, I peel away the surface layer of paper. The peeled corrugated is then cut into pieces which I use as tiles for the mosaic pattern.
I also cut thin cross sections through the corrugations, which I use to separate the corrugated pieces.
In the final stage, I spray each piece with clear, acrylic varnish to protect against moisture.