CR9Designs' Shop Announcement

Hello. My name is Chris. Welcome to my shop.

You may have noticed that much of my work revolves around the autism puzzle piece theme. I am the father of a wonderful 8 year old boy named Matthew who was diagnosed with autism 5.5 years ago.

Every single day my wife and I struggle along with our son as we try our best to get through each and every day.

I have heard many stories about why the puzzle piece is the symbol for Autism Awareness. My own interpretation of it is this; Each day we wake up and there are pieces everywhere. Our puzzle has been undone while we sleep. Every day it's a new challenge. We never know what to expect. We cannot sleep again until all of the puzzle pieces are back in line and our puzzle is complete.

That is our goal each and every day. Solve our own puzzle any way we can. If today's was easy, tomorrow's might be incredibly challenging. We never get complacent when it comes to solving our puzzles.

Each piece in this shop was created by me, in my own home using my own tools. There is nothing mass produced here.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.