CaboPickles' Shop Announcement

Legend tells of a land, not too far from our own, where mythical creatures born only from human imagination are tasked with creating amazing pieces of awesomeness for humans to enjoy! These imp-like creatures are known as Cabo (pronounced Kay-bo), and their leader goes by the name of Pickles!

The Cabo lead a charmed life – singing as they work – they have no need for money. All profits from the sale of items in this store are donated to charity. Cabo Pickles’ charity of choice is Foundation 18, an orphanage in Indonesia.

Cabo Pickles’ human helper is Cate Bolt. The Cabo deliver their handmade goodness to her office by enchanted unicorn as she sleeps. Cate will pack and send your order within two business days, or five business days for personalised items. You can also contact Cate to discuss custom items.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.