CafePrimrose's Shop Announcement

Moi, dia duit, guten tag, hej, hola, cze, Xing hoi, hello! Welcome to Cafe Primrose we ship in the USA, Europe, and everywhere else. Check out our blog We specialize in good times, homesteading, international travel and flavors, crafting, and loving everyone everywhere. We do our best to live and create holistically, and we are happy to do custom work. If you would like to come visit our studio at Wildflower Farm in Berlin MA where we live our homesteading dream and do all our creative work, please email us at cafeprimrose [!at] Enjoy our shop and thank you for dropping by.

Another important thing to note is we are trying to hire due to our location and inability to drive. Lately, what should be quick for us to ship can take some serious time.

Another important thing to note is, I am a practitioner of the unrecognized religion of Bay State-ism. The Bay State was the first to legalize gay marriage. At this time we do NOT ship to Indiana or to any other state that codifies hatred and discrimination into law. It is against our religious morals to do so. We apologize for inconveniencing those in Indiana fighting against this disgusting law. We hope you see us and our unwillingness to ship to Indiana, as an ally in your battle against a hateful law rather than as an inconvenience. We love the people of Indiana, and we look forward to a day when the law is altered so that it no longer codifies hate, or is abolished altogether. We apologize to those we are inconveniencing, but religion dictates....