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~ There is NO HISCUS PINK (LAC) COLOR AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW. due to drought in Mexico.
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ALL ITEMS IN SHOP ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER. turn around time is 2-4 weeks depending on the size of order you place. MUCHO AMORE.
Greetings Friends! I am slowly getting the shop back up and running with a fresh look and revised policies and ways of doing business! thank you to all that support me on my journey~ Blessings


Herbal Dyeing is a Science. Truely a Dyeing Art. When you wear Herbal Dyed Clothing you must understand that the color is ALIVE and will thus effect your overall mood and Aura. Each Herbal Dye Color can be directly tuned to your chakra, and you can use that energy for creating a higher Vibration within youself, simply because the threads you are wearing are Viberating at a Higher Frequency then any other Colored clothing you can wear.

EARTH RAINBOW **All Protein and Cellulose Fibers you see in this shop are 100% Dyed with Herbs, Vegetables, Sawdusts, Insect matter, and Roots.

This has been a long time coming, and I am so proud to have seen this grow from the seed it started as so many years ago.


I want to Thank Cheryl Kolander for being the master ! If we didn't have her as a young willful EARTH RAINBOW pioneer we wouldn't even be able to obtain the main exotic dye plants that we use for color extraction in the world today. She is a Ground Breaker! and Weaving is some of the most exquisite I've seen.

I want to say thank you to Tara Rin Burke, for she was my first inspiration to having an organic clothing line, before I ever knew about etsy, before I knew anything about the artist gypsy realm. that was what she told me my goal needed to be. Always pushing me, knowing that I could do it.

I also want to say thank you to Amethyst Harle and Danika Johnson. You both know your part in this story. and thank you for being by my side this entire time. Without the three of you, my life would not be as enriched nor divine as I feel right now. I am grateful for my loyal Goddesses who are happy to help me grow. WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Thank you TO Lucah Sage for helping me with Photographer and Modeling, Without her and many other beautiful ladies, friends, and sisters, my page would be less Adorned ! I am so GRATEFUL TO HAVE SUCH A WONDERFUL FAMILY.


For those who do not know my fabric is made up of 48%hemp 47%cotton, and 5%spandex; for the majority of my products. This fabric offers an elastic stretch that doesn't leave your body. Form fitting, comfortable, and function styles are some of my main goals in creating designs for your everyday work, formal, or casual life.

All materials are sustainable, organic, and fair trade. The families I purchase from in colorado and california, I have personally visited, and have heard their amazing stories. They help to support several independent families in China. and own their own mills...We truely hope to be sourcing our hemp material soon from North America once all of the hemp growing laws are sorted and we begin to mill the fabric here.


Each and every piece is then hand cut, sewn By me, or a member of the FAMILY OF LIGHT DESIGNS TEAM. and then sent back and HERBAL DYED by me. My dyes I gather from a range of different places. always searching for what can bring me the deepest shades, for the best price. (herb dying is much more expansive then synthetic or even low impact procion dyes)

Wild Color is literally a DYEING ART that is one of my passions to practice and teach about. Is has slowly taken over my life, and is becoming a part of who I am, and what I'd like to share. I am so happy to present these earth tones to you, that our mother Gaia gave to us to use and appreciate. Thank you. We are so grateful for this Journey down the Plant Medicine Rainbow Road.

~~~ Kelleyb

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