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DIY Printable Party Decorations by Cameo Party Designs, available in over 350 instant downloads, personalized and customized designs.

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Welcome! I would love to help you find what you are looking for. Below are some suggested search terms for CameoPartyDesigns.

Patterns: solids, stripes, polka dots, argyle, bandana, chevron, damask, gingham, stars, houndstooth, hearts, bandana, animal print

Colors (colors charts found in instant download listings): red, crimson, burgundy, peach, bright orange, orange, burnt orange, baby yellow, yellow, gold, baby green, lime green, green, olive green, dark green, light teal, teal, dark teal, baby blue, blue, royal blue, navy blue, dark navy blue, turquoise, periwinkle, lavender, purple, dark purple, baby pink, pink, bubble gum pink, hot pink, watermelon (prints hot pink / red), light gray, gray, charcoal, black, taupe, brown, chocolate brown.

Cameo Party Designs - DIY Printable Party Decorations offers personalized & customized party designs for all occasions, as well as a NEW line of instant downloads. I am starting with pennant banners, then coordinating cupcake wrappers, so on and so forth... By the time I get done, there will be over 10 patterns available in 40 colors of each :) Just in pennant banners and cupcake wrappers I am adding over 800 new designs for instant download... so, needless to say, this may take a bit of time! :)

"Ready To Print Designs" has now changed to "Cameo Party Designs".

Same great designs, same stock (with a growing selection) and same great service! Just a new name and a more elegant look!

Why you ask??? Why change it??? Well, this is why...

A very wise lovely lady suggested that I needed a name that was more personal to me... she was right! she also said that I needed a more elegant look... she was right! so, I thought hard about what I wanted...

"Cameo": In 2009 we lost someone very very precious to us... my son, Cameron Mitchell Roberts. He was full term and the weekend before they were going to induce labor, he got wrapped in his umbilical chord. By the time that we made it to the hospital it was just too late. He was a very beautiful lil' man and is in my heart, thoughts and prayers always. My nickname for him is "Cam"... which immediately made me think of "Cameo". Also, Cam played his own version of a "cameo role" in our lives and is now our own personal shining star and lil' angel watching over us.

Another reason that I chose this name is: if you break down the letters of "Cameo" you get the initials of all of my children's names:

C: Cameron
A: Abigale
M: Madison
E: Elizabeth
O: Lots of Hugs (XOs) and of course kisses!

The third and final reason is that using an object like a Cameo lended itself to the more elegant look I was wanting!

So these are my reasons...

Also, a VERY BIG THANKS goes out to my good friend Amanda at @HaloCupcakes (on facebook) for her great advice! It really meant the world to me!

Opinions of my new shop name and look are ALWAYS appreciated! Please feel free to convo me anytime with your thoughts.

If there is a theme you are wanting that I do not have listed, please convo me anytime. I am also open to other party decorations that I do not have listed here.

I strive to provide excellent customer service and complete all orders in a very timely manner.

Thank you for shopping with CameoPartyDesigns!!!
Claudia Roberts
Owner / Designer

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