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Mini Baked Sweets For You To Wear

As a little girl my favourite toys were the teeniest and tiniest. I enjoyed Polly Pockets the most, and as I grew up, I wanted to make teeny tiny treasures of my own! Starting back in 2008, I experimented with all kinds of different types of food, but found that the sweetest, tastiest treats were my favourites! Once I began wearing my creation, people started asking me how and where they could get them, and so, CandiWare was born!

After 4 years of creating and fun, I have worked through a lot of delicious recipes of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sushi, donuts, coffee, tea and pie. Each is specially scented with the proper flavour to give it that extra special touch. My work can add fun to any outfit, break the ice, or just bring a little extra joy to your day! As I'm always finding new recipes, my jewelery is either made as one of a kind, or part of a limited run so that the pieces are always unique and fun in my shop. I enjoy making all kinds of different food jewelery so if you want any specific tasty treat, get in touch with me and I would be happy to get baking on your very own unique piece of jewelry!
With a touch of sugar, icing, sprinkles and flavouring. I'm always trying to create a new delectable treat for you to wear. Come into my shop to see what you like.
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