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Each hanky is custom made just for you by me :)

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I only use Etsy Conversations in my shop. Thank you!

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Canyon Embroidery's F.A.Q's

Q. Can you Embroider my own saying?
A. Yes! Your own words.. Nickname..
At checkout please write your saying just like you would like it on your hanky!

Saying 25 words or less.. This does not count name, signoff, name & date. (they are included :) Please type out each saying in the message box at checkout exactly like you would like them on each hanky!
Up to 40 Words and please use this listing

FYI All hanky sayings are typed out in the description.

Type out just like this format please

Thank you for walking by
my side today and always.
As you give me away,
know that I will always
be your little girl.
I love you,
June 21, 2014

Q. Do we have a color chart?
A. We do not have a color chart, but we do have every color under the sun! All the popular wedding colors too :)

Q. Do we have gift boxes?
A. YES we do have gift boxes! Sold separately.
I dont want you paying for a box or envelope unless you need one :))

~Each Hanky is pressed and wrapped in tissure paper.

Q. Do we have any other fonts than what is shown in our shop?
A. We are only offering the font, which is called Elegans Dak, that is shown in our shop at this time. Its been a big hit.. Elegant and easy to read!

Q. Rush Orders
A. If you need your hankys in less than 2 weeks please convo me so we can decide the best way to ship!

Q. If my sayings are longer than 30 words. (does not include name signoff and date)
A. Please message me for a quote.

Q. Do you send out Proofs.
A. At this time I am unable to send proofs.

Q. Ladys & Mens style handkerchiefs
A. 100% white cotton
Ladys size aprox 11"x11" Mens 17" x 17"

Q Hankie Styles...

Also available Black & Ivory

~~Please understand convos are super busy this time of year and yours is very important to me!! I work alone and do my best to get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you so much, Cheryl xo

Pure 100% Soft Cotton High Quality Handkerchiefs for all Occasions.

Lacy Lady's Hankercheif
Men's Satin Banded Rolled Hem Handkerchief


Do we have other DESIGNS to pick from! Yes! See this listing! I also have theme designs.. Looking for a certain theme?

>>>See my DESIGNS here<<<

I dont have a color chart but I do have every color under the sun!

Due to the volume of orders I am unable to send out proofs

See more in my shop!

>>NEW we now have boxes! Sold Separately..

~~ ~~ Handkerchiefs...Guaranteed to bring tears to your loved ones eyes! ~~ ~~

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~~~Questions & Answers~~~

I am proud to say was mentioned in WeddingBells
An English Country Garden Wedding in King Township, Ontario |


>>>RUSH ORDERS WELCOME<<< If you need them really soon please convo me for some shipping options.

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~Your Own Sayings 25 words or less~
We can make your own personal hankie with your very own words, nicknames, date, colors. You can pick from any sayings in are shop or create your very own. Prices are for 30 words or less. (does not count your name sign off or date) I can do larger sayings just send it to me in a convo so I can check it out first and give you a quote. Wedding Flowers & Pearls are props only.


I have had such a great time helping brides create there keepsakes that will last a life time! I am also happy to say its become a family affair!

For mom.. a story time book she has read to you as a child.
Or for her Joyful Tears.

For your Mother In-Law. Let her know you hold her dear!

For dad.. Of all the walks we've taken together this is my favorite.

For your future wife/husband that song that you fell in love to.

For Grandmother thank her for all her support and wonderful memories!

For your best friend on her Wedding Day!

And don't forget that sweet little flower girl! Give her something old for her wedding day and even make it blue!

Ring Bearer.. Helping to lead the way.

You can also pick your colors. I don't have a color chart but I do have every color under the sun! All the popular wedding colors.
Some of are scrolls have added color for your accent colors.
~~Pretty Please leave me all your info in the message box at checkout. Even if we have convoed~~

Making keepsakes that will last a lifetime and pass on as a family heirloom!!
~A special gift that will never be forgotten~Ie hope to hear from you soon!
Love always,

~~~History of the Wedding Handkerchief ~~~
Many brides carry handkerchiefs on the day of the wedding. These may be intended to wipe away tears, but tradition is the most common reason for including this accessory. Hankies have been used since Roman times. The material and meaning has varied throughout history, but the hanky has remained a part of wedding ceremonies from that time until the present.

History of Handkerchiefs at Weddings

A precursor to the wedding handkerchief was found in Roman times. The handkerchief was wet with perfume. This was then used to wipe the face before the wedding. It was then worn over the shoulders or around the neck. The scent of the perfume could be smelled on the bride all day.

The tradition moved from Rome, to Venice and then to France. In France, the handkerchief was made with expensive fabrics. They were then embroidered and were considered a luxury item. Only royalty and the very wealthy had one. This tradition remained for hundreds of years. Now most brides use a hanky, regardless of their wealth or status.

Handkerchiefs were used by early farmers in America. They had a special significance. The tears of a bride on her wedding day were considered to be lucky. It was thought that the tears would bring rain to the crops. Another common belief was that a crying bride would never cry again about her marriage.

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

An embroidered wedding handkerchief can be embroidered with a variety of sentiments. The message will depend on who is carrying the handkerchief. You can find them embroidered with a variety of messages for the bride, groom, maid of honor or mothers. Personalized handkerchiefs can be embroidered with the names of the bride and the groom. A romantic message may be included under the names. Some phrases to use include: forever, always or till death do us part. A Tears of Joy handkerchief is a great choice for mothers.

Embroidery is also done to decorate the handkerchief. Depending on the amount and type of embroidery. If you are buying a handkerchief that you hope will become an heirloom, you will want to have it embroidered. You can add a line with the names and date of the original bride and groom. Your granddaughter may love it.

Heirloom Handkerchiefs

Sometimes the wedding handkerchief becomes a family heirloom. Beautifully embroidered handkerchiefs can be used by the daughters and granddaughters of the bride. Some women like to use an heirloom hanky on their wedding day. Ask your mother and grandmother if they have one you can borrow. This would take care of two other traditions, something old and something borrowed.

Your wedding hanky can become an heirloom to pass on to your children. One unique idea is the Irish tradition of the magic handkerchief. The bride carries a beautiful and delicate handkerchief on her wedding day. Later when a baby is born, the hanky is sewn into a baby bonnet. This is often worn when the baby is baptized. When the baby grows up, the stitches can be removed for the baby's wedding day.

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