CapeMagic's Shop Announcement

Cape Magic wands and other items are 100% handcrafted with loving care on beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts, U.S.A.. We craft in very small quantities, using natural branches and gemstones. Each Cape Magic wand is entirely unique, honoring the innate beauty and power of nature, and each comes with its own identification number and pedigree, explaining the particular elements of its construction and the energetic properties of those elements. When you hold a Cape Magic wand in your hand, you connect with the powerful ancient tradition of wand work.

Cape Magic wands are made from a variety of woods, grown locally and selected for both their physical and metaphysical properties. All our wood is sustainably gathered on particular days of the year: full and new moons, and the annual solstices and equinoxes. We use no dyes or stains of any kind; the color and wood grain of each wand is 100% natural. The type of wood and the time it was gathered both contribute to the energetic nature of the wand.

After branches are gathered, we assess them for shape, weight, balance and energetic resonance before trimming them to an appropriate length and stripping off the bark to reveal the warm heart of the wood. The wood is then allowed to age and season for two to six weeks. The wand is shaped 100% by hand and goes through several hand sandings to achieve a lustrous look and the perfect satiny feel and finish. Crystals or other semi-precious stones are then individually selected and affixed to the ends. Finally, the wand is rubbed with an all-natural walnut oil and beeswax finish to accentuate and protect the beauty of the wood.

Cape Magic wands usually contain two crystals or stones—one set into the base, near the wand’s handhold, to connect the wand’s energy with the wielder, and one at the tip to focus and direct the energies of both the wand and the person who holds it. As with the woods, the properties of the stones are explained in the pedigrees of individual wands. Our basic wands, however, contain no stones. In every other way, they conform to our principles and our high standards of craft. They are a great alternative for people on a budget or those looking for a wand with a less complex energy.

Because no two people are quite alike, no one wand is going to be perfect for everyone. That’s why our wands vary substantially in size, shape, weight, color, types of wood and stones used, and energetic resonance. The best way to decide which Cape Magic wand is right for you or someone special is to read the description of the wand, look closely at the pictures, and imagine holding it in your hand. Much wand work relies on intuition, so trust your instincts: if it feels right, it is!

I am a Reiki Master, and before mailing your wand to you, I infuse it with positive reiki energy. I also cleanse any negative energies from it by sprinkling it with sea salt that I distill myself from water collected at my local Cape Cod beach. According to your own spiritual beliefs, you may want to give your wand an additional blessing before use, perhaps by smudging it with herbal smoke, dabbing it with an essential oil of your choice, and/or speaking a prayer over it.