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As an avid gardener and home-canner since the age of 8, I have always been interested in self-sufficiency. This, along with a strong desire to live with fiscal responsibility, blossomed (garden pun!) into writing about sustainable living issues through my blog, Fast, Cheap, and Good (

Carrot Creations is another outgrowth of those interests. I work to provide products that will help you live a more sustainable or more frugal life, with a large dose of fun! Many of our products, including cloth napkins and yoga socks, are directly tied to your bottom line: I source materials that will allow me to produce these items and offer them at a price that is at or below mass-production retail prices, and their use will help you live a more frugal life through eliminating other purchases (like disposable napkins) or cutting costs (like heating the whole house because your feet are cold).

Our best sellers are our yoga socks, which we offer in a variety of sustainable fibers. These socks are crocheted by hand from a pattern that I designed after years of practicing yoga and belly dance in cold studios. I watched my classmates try to fashion items that would keep their ankles warm while still allowing foot contact with the floor or mat; many of these items involved altering an existing piece, such as cutting the toes out of old knee socks, or courting a fall, such as when students would pull leg warmers down over their heels.

I realized there must be a better item, and I designed these socks to allow foot and heel contact with the floor or mat while still keeping your arch and ankle warm, all without any seams to irritate your feet. I wear my yoga socks year round in those cold studios, and I am pleased to know that others are doing the same across the U.S., Canada, South America, and Europe.

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Jennifer Lorenzetti
owner, designer
My name is Jennifer, and I am a full-time independent writer based near Dayton, Ohio. My husband and I started Carrot Creations as a way to share items that we find useful for sustainable living.

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